Ouyang Nana cut her short hair, disappeared her first love face?

2022-10-10 06:02

"Which girl doesn't want to live as Ouyang Nana" Nabi changed her haircut. This time she cut her long flowing hair into shoulder-length short hair, which gave people a bright feeling! Didn't she almost recognize it?

This time, Ouyang Nana cut a short, shoulder-length hair. The simple shape looks very refreshing and handsome, and it has a sense of "small fresh meat". She used to be a quiet and sweet little girl, but this new hairstyle makes her look a lot more unisex and cool.

And when Ouyang Nana was taking pictures, she didn't laugh, it was so cool. Show your profile, deep eyes, it is cool girl, this girl is right.

Ouyang Nana made three wishes before her 18th birthday: cutting her hair, traveling alone, and watching an idol concert.

I really cut short hair this time. I have successfully fulfilled one of my 18th birthday wishes. Applause! In fact, this is not Ouyang Nana's first short hair style.

Last year, Ouyang Nana showed her short hair style, but her short hair style was different from the one announced this time. Last year's short hair style was a bit like the little Lolita from "This Killer Is Not So Cold".

The newly cut short hair is more free and easy and handsome, and the short hair of 37 minutes hides the sweet side of Ouyang Nana, showing her handsome side. And this short hair is very popular, Ouyang Nana has good looks and good temperament. Of course, any hairstyle can be controlled.

In fact, you can know the visual effect of this hairstyle at a glance by comparing it. Previously, Ouyang Nana had long hair and a ponytail, she was the beautiful girl herself!

There is a pure face that is harmless to humans and animals, and the middle part of the braided hair is matched with a small skirt. The beauty is fresh and refined, beautiful and immortal.

When shooting a blockbuster, I changed my temperament to the rhythm of the young lady, and the fluffy hairstyle looked particularly good, fresh and feminine.

I have to say that Ouyang Nana's different hairstyles give people a different feeling. Ouyang Nana with long hair is pure, fresh and elegant, while Ouyang Nana with short hair can also perform a sense of handsome.

Although they are all good-looking, after cutting her short hair, Ouyang Nana's heart-stirring first love face has disappeared, which is a pity.

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