Park Shin Hye also loves this hair color.

2022-08-01 17:50

Xu Xuanzhen demonstrates autumn and winter hair color

In "Inner Beauty", in addition to the heroine Xu Xuanzhen's long flowing hair, which exudes a charming temperament in the sun, the restrained and gentle hair color adds a lot to the whole. This hair color is the most rammed fog brown.

foggy season

When it comes to matte finish, it is not only the base makeup on makeup but also the lip gloss. The matte finish gives people a mysterious and advanced feeling. It is no wonder that on many runways, it is the makeup specified by the design masters. Also have a satin-like texture.

Improve hair texture is the key

This year's autumn and winter hair color is of course much more restrained than the popular unicorn hair color in spring and summer. It reduces the overall saturation and matches the atmosphere of autumn and winter. The focus is on the texture of the hair, not frizzy and bifurcated. Rather, it is clear and radiant with a healthy glow.

Park Shin Hye's hair care tips

Park Shin Hye, who also has goddess hair, also changed her hair color to brown, and her usual maintenance, even her hair and scalp are not spared. Park Shin Hye is very careful when washing her hair, and she also uses water of different temperatures to help the scalp. Relax and converge.

Good hair starts with blow-drying

In addition, blowing hair is also the key to good hair quality. In order to avoid the heat damage of the hair dryer, she blows her hair with cold air, but the scalp part must be dried, otherwise the pores of the scalp will be easily blocked, causing scalp inflammation and oil. Bad for scalp health.

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