Park Shin Hye's new look appeared at Paris Fashion Week, and she succeeded in losing face, but made a small mistake in makeup?

2022-08-29 06:02

Original title: Park Shin Hye's new look appeared at Paris Fashion Week, and she succeeded in losing face, but made a small mistake in makeup?

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin Hye must be familiar to everyone. In South Korea, a country full of beautiful women, her beauty is not one of the best. In fact, she is not outstanding, but it does not prevent her from being refined. And what Park Shin Hye is most criticized for is her fat-prone physique and round face.

Park Shin Hye's figure is not very good, and her thighs are still a little thick. She made her debut when she was very young, and she can be considered a child star, and her acting skills are still very online. The most impressive thing is Jing Sook in [Stairway to Heaven] when she was a child. At that time, Park Shin Hye's appearance had already been finalized, but she was slightly fat, especially the obvious steamed bun face.

Stairway to Heaven Han Jung-sook

Park Shin-hye's facial features are quite delicate, with a height of 168 cm, which is more in line with the standard of a goddess. As long as the shape of the bun's face can be changed, she must be a beautiful embryo. Then in the next few plays, although the makeup was more refined, the face shape still failed to lose weight. You rarely see her with her hair tied up, but Park Shin Hye with her hair down is a little more cute.

The heirs stills

Generally speaking, people with large faces should learn to use hairstyles to decorate them. If they have long hair, they must be let down and covered on both sides. There are many jokes on Douyin, that is to say, at first glance, she is a beautiful woman, but when her hair is lifted, her face looks like a Big Mac.

from the web

People with large faces, it is best to try short curly hair. Park Shin Hye seems to have gotten to this point, so she simply cut off the long hair that has been with her for many years, and appeared with a new style of slightly curly short hair. And this time to attend Paris Fashion Week, it is to appear with short hair, but this time Park Shin Hye is really eye-catching. Earlier, some people said that she was too fat as soon as she finished filming a new movie. This public appearance shows that The face-lift was quite successful.

Park Shin Hye at Paris Fashion Week

Park Shin Hye's short curly hair is both elegant and free and easy, and she looks quite confident. The most obvious change is the bun face in the past, but now it has become an oval face. This is a perfect transition. In addition, the short curly hair can make the face smaller, so the overall look is more than one scale.

Park Shin Hye's hair

This photo is outstanding just from the artistry of the shot, and the foreground is blurred to better accentuate the portrait. In the breeze, Park Shin-hye's inadvertently tugging her hair was so charming that she fascinated many boys.

Park Shin Hye

Park Shin-hye wore a dark red bat knitted sweater on the upper body, an orange-red pleated skirt on the lower body, and a conspicuous LV gold belt around the waist, which echoed well with the big gold earrings she was wearing. more harmonious. Park Shin Hye's overall color system is a little more retro this time, is it for marketing the elegant goddess fan? It looks really eye-catching!

Park Shin Hye

I don't know if it was because I was in a hurry, or I didn't pay attention, but Park Shin Hye made a small mistake when putting on makeup, that is, the shadow on the side of the nose was not evenly pushed, so it was obvious when you looked closely. Netizens who have sharp eyes and love makeup have long been Found.

Network screenshot

This is a small mistake of Park Shin Hye's makeup, but it does not affect the overall beauty. The editor personally thinks that her new look is great, and she can be a sweet short-haired girl in the future. Didn't Zeng Yi sing like this? Women with short hair can also be sexy and cute. Short hair is a hairstyle that most women can control, and it is very helpful for improving the appearance. You may try it in the future.

Park Shin Hye

Although women can rely on makeup and dressing up to make themselves look high-quality, the cultivation of temperament is not through dressing up. Park Shin-hye's face-lifting was very successful this time. Even if she made a small mistake in makeup, she did not feel any disobedience on the whole. Besides, when she used to have a bun face, she was not still full of confidence. In fact, the editor liked the cuteness of her bun face Oh, do you like Park Shin Hye?

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