Perfect Diary x Zhou Xun's ability to interpret "Every step is outstanding"

2022-12-05 06:01

Life has its own rhythm, and you are in control of the speed. Take every step of life in the rhythm you like. On April 7, China's new fashion beauty brand Perfect Diary released the latest brand TVC of "My Steps, Every Step Is Excellent", and joined hands with the brand's global spokesperson Zhou Xun and well-known photographer Chen Man to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the establishment of Perfect Diary. Zhou Xun gave Perfect Diary and fans a blessing of "I wish Perfect Diary and fans will be outstanding in every step in the future."

Perfect Diary listens to the voices of contemporary young people facing the anxiety of their peers, and discusses the choice of the pace of life. On the road of life, everyone has their own rhythm, there is no need to chase, the most important thing is to live out their own rhythm. The outside world often sets up a frame of reference for women. They are framed and blocked step by step. Women are always trapped by anxiety, which easily disrupts their own rhythm of life. However, Perfect Diary always advocates that there is no reference frame in life, and hopes that all women will have a confident lip color attitude, break the shackles, fearlessly shackles, and realize every step of life is outstanding.

My way is outstanding at every step

From Zhou Xun’s proficiency that "My life has no script" to the "Chinese Girl"'s "Onstage Manifesto", "The pace is up to me" is the third interpretation of "Every step is outstanding" by Perfect Diary. On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the birthday, Perfect Diary invited well-known photographer Chen Man to take the shot to shoot this fashion blockbuster for the brand spokesperson Zhou Xun. Zhou Xun under the lens of Chen Man, with determined eyes and saucy, dressed in a retro tube top red dress, black long gloves, elegant pearl earrings, a touch of red lips to bring out her bright and confident. The perfect diary'Xiao Xihe' lipstick in her hand is a reinterpretation of "beauty"-the self-confidence and strength of women.

Zhou Xun has a unique and agile temperament and does not need to cater to the secular aesthetics. Her unique beauty is unforgettable. As the first "Three Golden Shadow Queen" in the Chinese film industry, Zhou Xun used her acting skills to conquer the audience. She was true, brave and frank, and she dared to challenge multiple roles. She would not frame herself as an "actor" and actively explore herself. Set limits for life. Similarly, Perfect Diary continues to bring surprises to the public, and the exploration of beauty has never stopped, hoping to break the preconceptions about beauty and deliver a new fashion of beauty that belongs to China to the world.

My tempo, the rhythm of life, the speed is up to me

Whether in the tight-paced first-tier cities or the relatively leisurely third- and fourth-tier cities, it is always difficult for people to escape the work and life pressure of catching up with themselves and catching up with their peers. The in-depth interview video "Are you afraid to fall behind" produced by Perfect Diary listened to the anxiety and heartfelt feelings of young people, and found that they gave rich answers to the choice of the rhythm of life. Some people think that one should keep walking on the road of life and speed up to see the farther scenery. Others think that the pace of life needs to be slowed down, and walking in a leisurely courtyard is also the meaning of life. How to choose the rhythm of life? To this, actress Zhou Xun and 6 KOLs gave their own answers.

Faced with the pressure of marriage and love, they bravely made their choice. The novice hot mom Ma Jianyue chose to enter her marriage at the age of 23. She asked, "They all asked me why I got married at the age of 23. Is this weird?" And the Douyin blogger "A Blue Whale" at this time He was traveling around in Hanfu and happily said, "Don't worry, the world is my home." At the same age, you can choose to enter a marriage and family, or you can choose to enjoy the mountains and lakes, get rid of the anxiety of marriage and love, and be brave to live yourself.

Faced with society's constraints on the love of beauty, they expressed their pursuit of beauty regardless of gender and age. Lu Xianren, a popular model with a unique style, has his own attitude towards beauty very early. Fields and abandoned construction sites can be his stage, and it is not too late for the fashion grandma group to discover beauty at the age of 60. They are still trying different things. Style, stepping on high heels, wearing a cheongsam to the world. Men, women and children, all can have their own pursuit and love for beauty, without fear of age and gender, bid farewell to age anxiety, and become the most beautiful selves.

Facing the pressure of their careers, they are not defined by secular success. Fashion blogger Rebecca is not afraid of difficulties and dared to try new things. She described that she could not stop at all. She confidently believed that "I still want to try a lot of things, and there is nothing to be afraid of from scratch", while the emerging artist Zhao Xiaoli is deeply involved in painting and painting with paintbrushes. Let the waste products "turn gorgeously" into pieces of art, and say, "They all say this road is difficult, but I want to prove myself slowly. What's the rush?". In the fashion art world, it is a kind of courage to keep trying new things. Perseverance is a kind of perseverance. There is more than one path to success. It breaks the secular definition of success and strengthens one's own life path.

Life is not about chasing after me, but keeping pace with me is the answer. As Zhou Xun said, "Look, we can look for the direction slowly without worrying, or we can't wait to do what you want to do now."

My color confident lip color, choose what I love

The perfect diary's "small stiletto" lipstick is inspired by the high heels that give girls confidence. It hopes to break the traditional stereotype of high heels and red lips. I believe that high heels are not only for sexiness, and red lips are not just a synonym for temptation. They can also be. The blessing of women's self-confidence is an expression of women's self-attitude.

The unique and advanced design of the Perfect Diary'Small Slim Heel' lipstick attracts gold at a glance. The handsome and neat metal lines are matched with the exquisite and elegant natural white leather. The'Small Slim Heel' lipstick uses an innovative velvet matte texture, which significantly improves the dryness of traditional matte lipsticks. It has both rich color development and smooth upper lip touch between strokes. A variety of lipsticks interpret the ever-changing style, confident lip color, and playful beauty.

From working with Zhou Xun to launch the'small thin heel' lipstick, to launching a new color on the field with the Chinese National Gymnastics Team, the perfect diary insists on no restrictions on beauty, especially Zhou Xun’s main promotion color L04 red tea red brown, the upper lip is sassy and casual, always giving Women's sense of power, release their attitudes. Perfect Diary continues to break the aesthetic shackles, refuses to solidify the label, supports and encourages Chinese women to master their own rhythm of life, and gives them the centripetal energy of "determined footsteps, walking with wind, step by me, every step is outstanding".

Perfect Diary is committed to making beauty within reach. We hope everyone can choose beauty freely, realize beauty easily, and discover the infinite possibilities of life. In the future, Perfect Diary will also continue to accompany every woman to find her own rhythm in life, and achieve "every step is outstanding".

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