Pirelli VS Victoria's Secret Hormones meet in a narrow path

2022-08-29 06:01

I believe that in these two days, you must have been bombarded by "sweet girls" with various angelic faces and devil figures. The annual welfare feast for straight men-2016 Victoria's Secret Underwear Show will be airborne in Paris on the 30th, with long legs and beautiful breasts. Hormones are splashing. However, this 21-year-old "young man" (Victoria's Secret started its first underwear show in 1995), in front of the 52-year-old "hormonal god", had no choice but to bow down. Since 1964, the perfect women in the world's men's dreams have gathered under this great god. How sexy is it? The style of painting is like this↓

52-year-old "hormonal god"

Who is this "hormonal god"? It is the Pirelli calendar, which is famous for representing and highlighting the concept of female charm, and its history can be traced back 52 years. The best photographer + the most beautiful body = a visual feast at the end of each year. What's so annoying is that this calendar is not for sale, so the Pirelli calendar has become one of the most collectible calendars in the world, and it is a precious collection of European royals and other world celebrities.

"Pirelli Calendar" and "Victoria's Secret" are inextricably linked

Actually speaking, the Pirelli calendar is inextricably linked with "Victoria's Secret", because all Victoria's Secret pillar angels have been on the Pirelli calendar.

Tired of playing with the straight and sexy Pirelli calendar

However, after playing with straightforward sexy for 50 years, starting from last year, the Pirelli calendar began to try to change, playing with restrained sexy, trying to explore the exploration of women's inner beauty from external beauty. In this way, in the romantic land of Paris, November 29 and 30, one introverted and one bright, the two major fashion circles are prosperous: the release of the Pirelli calendar and the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show presented to women in a completely different way. The infinite pursuit of charm.

Pirelli calendar and China's fate

Last year, Chinese actress Yao Chen became one of the models of the 2016 Pirelli Calendar. In fact, this is not the first time Pirelli has become associated with China. As early as 2008, the photographer Patrick De Marcheril, who was in charge of the calendar, fixed the location of the filming. In China, Maggie Cheung, Mo Wandan and Du Juan all participated in the shooting process.

2017 Pirelli Calendar Model List

A familiar face once again appeared in the newly released calendar this year, and Zhang Ziyi, who was promoted as a hot mom, became one of the calendar models. In addition to Zhang Ziyi, other models of the calendar are also famous, and their works have many fans in China.

In addition, the calendar models include British actor, model, singer Charlotte Hamplin and Swedish actor Alicia Wikander who won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for "Danish Girl".

Founder of "Supermodel Era"

And the backing of these actresses is bigger than the photographer who took the photo of the 2017 Pirelli calendar. You may not be familiar with his name, but this photographer is the originator of fashion photography, and he started the supermodel movement. He is Peter Lindbergh. When Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell were still unknown, Peter discovered them and took a group photo of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, and Cindy Crawford. It appeared on the cover of the January issue of the British edition of "VOGUE" in 1990. Since then, the five people have become a hit, opening the "supermodel era".

Peter Lindbergh used a new realist approach to redefine the standard of beauty. His works made him a pioneer in the photography industry. His view is that contemporary photographers should liberate women and even everyone from the shackles of pursuing youth and perfection. Therefore, his style is very simple and pure-"frank", he prefers almost no makeup, he believes that the real face can emphasize the natural beauty of women.

The 2017 Pirelli calendar is the third time Peter has taken the photo. This is the first time in the history of Pirelli calendar. No other photographer has more than two precedents for the Pirelli calendar.

Peter himself interpreted the theme of this year’s shooting in this way: "In this era, women always appear in the media and various public visions like young and perfect incarnations. And I think it is necessary to reveal to everyone that beauty is not so uniform. This kind of beauty is more real, purer, and not controlled by any commercial purpose. This kind of beauty shows the unique characteristics, courage and feelings of the individual." He chooses to use "sensibility" to interpret the ideas behind his photos, "not just showing the beauty The body is more concerned about emotions and sensitivity, and they are fully shown to every viewer. I believe this kind of purity is more touching than nakedness."

PS is "tragedy on earth"

"Fashion is born for women, not for fashion. Nowadays, magazines in the world pay too much attention to fashion and forget women."-Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh believes that any woman should have expressions, emotions, and traces of time on her face, so that people can distinguish their era. He even believes that "It is a crime to fanatically pursue'youth'" and "people should at least realize that this is a crime, even if it cannot be changed."

On the other hand, in the domestic entertainment industry, actresses are pursuing "growth against age" and longing for forever young. However, is the flawless skin without pores repaired by PS really beautiful? These definitions of beauty are worthy of our reflection. Of course, the advocacy of a photographer alone does not change much, but as Peter said, at least we should be aware of this.

I hope that one day, women can face up to the traces that the years have left on their faces, raise their heads confidently and bravely, and no longer be constrained by the consumer-oriented aesthetics. Girl, there is a fine line on your face, but it is beautiful...

Finally, let us take a look at the true selves of the models in this calendar under the lens of Peter Lindbergh. They almost appeared without makeup. The fine lines and blemishes on their faces and bodies were recorded, but their eyes were full. Confidence and strength.

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