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2022-12-05 06:01

Boots are a must-have item in autumn and winter. The regular way to wear it is to wear tights (and even give birth to the "boot companion"-boot pants), which can modify the shape of the legs and create a good proportion, so that you can also have long legs that are visible to the naked eye in the winter. But in the past two years, everyone seems to be a little lax in the pursuit of long legs, and instead pay more attention to the matching effect itself.

The combination of boots and skirts came into being at this time. First, they are so fashionable. After all, from the show to the streets of Fashion Week, everyone is emphasizing it. Secondly, it is also because it is more comfortable to wear. So tight, even a little light and fluttering.

Sweaters, skirts and boots are the most photographed group. This method of wearing may not be true by imagination alone, because many people are afraid that the body will be cut into several sections, but after seeing the picture, does it shake in an instant? However, there are a few very key small details that have to be said.

It’s best to choose high-heeled boots. Flat-heeled boots make sure you try it once and you won’t want to have a second time. The skirt is also best to have slits, to get rid of the bad luck of the body being divided into three sections.

If you can tuck it, clothes can also be tucked into a skirt. The knowledge point of high waistline must not be thrown away.

Don’t wear it like this if you’re afraid of freezing your knees. If you want it to be beautiful and warm, there is no such thing as the best of both worlds in the fashion industry.

In addition to the sweater, it also matches the shirt. Of course, a coat must be added to the outside. The configuration shown in the picture above is just right for a chestnut color.

You can also take up and down from the inside, a shirt with a high collar and a jacket, and the sense of layering is great.

In places that are not so cold, you can still add a suit now. That capable, commuter is worth having.

The difference between a leather suit and a half skirt is that it allows you to have the chic of a big woman and the coolness of a cool youth at the same time. The editor was excited while writing, and decided to wear it against the wind tomorrow.

I heard that you didn’t wear enough dresses in summer, right? With boots in winter, you can continue to wear them. The editor still needs to be informed that dresses should not be too long, and boots need to be "exposed". Otherwise, why bother so hard and just wear ankle boots.

The combination of knitted dresses and boots is simply the same as a natural fit. A soft skirt with handsome boots makes the gas field more matchless.

The high-necked interior can also come in handy, if the color matching can be played so harmoniously, it will be even more eye-catching.

Skin + skin is not impossible, but there are requirements for aura.

In comparison, pure colors are easier to shine.

It’s a lot easier to add a jacket to a dress, and there are no concerns about the proportion of half skirts, that is to say, the jacket can be long or short.

But it's autumn and winter after all, so it's not wrong to choose some prints that can echo this season.

If you look closely, you will find that most of the boots in this article are under-the-knee boots, so if you want to catch up with this fashion but are worried about your legs being "selled" by it, you might as well place an order for a few skirts. The trick is really easy to use.

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