Popular beauty: You can also have a delicate and thin face with a pair of blushes

2022-12-05 06:01

Babies always learn how to draw eyes and lips seriously, but they don’t know that the correct blush application can not only brighten the complexion, but also modify the outline, increase the three-dimensional effect, and make the overall makeup look harmonious; on the contrary, the failed blush will Make the face bigger and bigger. Today, the editor will bring you different blush painting methods to help you shape the perfect little face!

1 Horizontal Blush

Applicable face shape: long face

Babies with long faces are easy to give people a serious feeling, and even look old. Horizontal blush can shorten the length of the face and instantly become cute.

TIPS: Use the handle of the supermodel contouring brush to define a horizontal line under the eyes and above the nose, and apply the superstar porcelain blush in this area, from the inside to the outside, a small amount of times, and brush horizontally to the cheekbones .

Final look

2 oblique blush

Applicable face shape: round face

Girls with round faces are super cute, but their faces are not angular enough, and their three-dimensional sense is slightly less. Oblique blush can modify the outline of a round face and play a face-lifting effect.

TIPS: Along the upper part of the line from the corner of the mouth to the apex of the cheekbones, use the blush to blur from bottom to top, lift up, and narrow the sides.

Final look

3 C-Shaped Blush

Applicable face shape: round face, square face

Babies with round and square faces generally have a wider face, which makes the facial features look less refined. The C-shaped drawing method can tighten the position of the temples, transfer attention to the eyebrows and eyes, and make the facial features more three-dimensional and delicate.

TIPS: Use the blush handle to find the intersection point along the contour of the forehead and the position under the eyes, and apply the blush to draw these two lines, from the forehead to the temple, from the cheekbones to the temple. Remember to have a radian when drawing, and connect them into a C-shape, so that the drawing has the effect of lifting the facial lines.

Final look

4. Triangle blush

Applicable face shape: long face, square face

The common problem of long and square faces is that they tend to look old and too masculine. The triangle blush at the moment can make the overall makeup look soft and cute.

TIPS: Under the eyes and the upper part of the nose, apply the blush back and forth along the triangular path. Remember to choose a smaller size blush brush to brush more delicately~

Final look

Have you got all the scheming blush painting methods? Not all blushes can create a perfect little face. Only blushes with fine powder and extremely close to the skin can present a powder-free ceramic skin and bring a traceless face repair effect.

Xiaobian sincerely plant BINF superstar porcelain-feeling monochrome blush, high content of mineral powder, velvet texture, light like tulle, extremely close to the skin, even and delicate, instantly bring a rosy, bright and good complexion, bright color, natural face repair The effect is great.

2 classic colors specially created for oriental women, sweet soft pink and intellectual warm orange, suitable for all occasions.

With BINF Superstar Porcelain Monochrome Blush & Get, these four blush painting methods, brush out flawless porcelain skin, bring a natural and good complexion, and easily create a perfect little face.

The beautiful and greasy school flower of the Christmas party is responsible for you, and the joy is left to you. Feel free to wander around and take selfies! The perfect little face is not afraid to take a group photo, come to a group of beautiful photos, and have an unforgettable Christmas!

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