"Prince" Sheng Yilun appeared at Vipshop headquarters and caused a sensation

2023-01-30 06:01

A few days ago, the Internet revealed that "Prince" Sheng Yilun was "robbed", which also shocked the netizens. This afternoon, "Prince" Sheng Yilun suddenly appeared in the Vipshop Business Center Building, causing quite a stir. According to the photos posted by netizens, the on-site blower and so on came into battle. "Prince" Sheng Yilun brought "Prince Concubine" on the runway show at Vipshop.

A few years ago, Sheng Yilun attracted countless fans with the role of the "Prince" in the online drama "Prince Concubine's Promotion", and became very popular for a while. It is reported that at 1 o'clock this afternoon, the downstairs of the Vipshop Business Center has been surrounded by "Prince fans".

Sheng Yilun came to cheer after "hijacking"

It turned out that Sheng Yilun's "hijacking" happened to Vipshop's "2.28 Spring Beauty Festival". Hanhou, a domestic beauty brand that has been very popular with consumers in recent years, just signed Sheng Yilun as its online spokesperson, and immediately brought the "Prince" and "Master" masks to Vipshop on 2.28 Cheers to the beauty festival.

This afternoon, Vipshop and Han rear executives also played High on the spot. Not only did they play the "Prince Concubine" on the spot, but the red carpet was directly rolled out in the Vipshop Business Center building. The "Prince Concubine" held hands with Sheng Yilun to play The red carpet show can be regarded as a warm-up for Sheng Yilun's upcoming Milan Fashion Week, which makes others envious. Afterwards, Sheng Yilun also interacted closely with the senior management of Vipshop and Han Hou, and sent wishes for the Beauty Festival to Vipshop.

Of course, in order to cheer for the Vipshop employees who worked hard for the 2.28 Spring Beauty Festival, Sheng Yilun also had a real "close contact" with the staff on site. In addition to distributing gifts to everyone, he also directly picked up the selfie artifact. , I took a big photo with the onlookers at the scene, which was exciting!

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