Put away the dull black suit Li Yuchun Jolin Tsai's macaron suit is enough for spring

2022-10-31 06:01

Seeing Li Yuchun wearing a pink suit, COCO's girly heart bursts! For so many years and Chunchun learn to wear unisex, occasionally change the girly style, there is really a lovely contrast.

Li Yuchun

Suit: Gucci 2018 spring and summer series

Sports shoes: Gucci Ace series

Watch: Gucci G-Timeless series

A few days ago, Jolin Tsai also performed a set of macarons blue suit with wide slit wide-leg pants and short TOP, which is very tall.

Jolin Tsai

Set: Christian Dada 2018 spring and summer series

T-shirt: Fenty×Puma

Belle is really the queen of coldness, even the lavender suits give the popular field a bitter feeling... Maybe the oversized sunglasses have helped a lot, right?

Victoria Beckham

Aunt Yu, a white-skinned star, is more willful when choosing a purple suit. Compared with the taro purple with lower saturation, the darker lavender purple tests the skin tone. However, Aunt Yu wisely chooses the bright white shirt. Brightens skin tone and reduces age perfectly.

Isabelle Huppert

Suit: Gucci

Sunglasses: Louis Vuitton

The shoulder-padded suit originally gave a sense of strength, but the waxy pink selected by Ma Sichun perfectly neutralized the strong taste. Tie a thin belt around your waist and play "The Underwear Disappears", which is fashionable and shows long legs!

Ma Sichun

There are thousands of macaron colors, these 4 are the best

It is not easy to wear a suit with a small and fresh tone, but with a macaron color, it can perfectly dissolve the too tough aura of the suit! There are so many macaron colors, which colors are most suitable for yellow star people?

Quiet Blue: Irresistible tenderness

Quiet blue gives it a clean and fresh tone like lake water. In the macaron color system, it is refined and elegant, and it is not picky. Conservatives can choose to pair with jeans for interpretation, and the temperament of the imperial sister wearing TOTAL LOOK can also ensure that the aura is not too strong at the same time.

Liu Wen

Ulyana Boyko

Jeanette Friis Madsen

Caroline Daur

Handbag: Off-White

Recommended by COSMO

The coat comes from Eifini, priced at 898 yuan

The jacket comes from TIBI. It costs US$870 and can be purchased from net-a-porter.com

Millennial fans: No discussion on a sweet face

Millennial fans have been sweeping street auctions since the end of last year, among which the small suit jackets of millennial fans are even more popular. The stiff version of the suit can perfectly neutralize the sweet and waxy pink, and it will not give people a soft and cute feeling at all.

Tiffany Hsu

Tina Leung (left)

But for the yellow star people, the choice of pink requires a lot of experimentation.

Viktoria Rader (left)

Jeanette Friis Madsen

Recommended by COSMO

The coat comes from edition10, priced at 2699 yuan

The coat comes from Gucci, the price is 23,000 yuan

The coat comes from Eifini, priced at 299 yuan

Almond Yellow: True-Commuter Color

In fact, cream yellow is also a very eye-catching color in the macaron color series, but cream yellow is too sophisticated for aura, skin tone and matching skills...

Betty Bachz

Therefore, compared to cream yellow, COCO recommends that you try almond yellow which is not very picky. The almond yellow has a brownish color, while ensuring the versatile properties of neutral colors, the color is lighter, more youthful, and naturally more pleasing.

Zhang Xueying

Set: Michael Kors 2018 spring and summer series

Giedre Dukauskaite

Recommended by COSMO

The coat comes from PEACEBIRD WOMEN, priced at 999 yuan

The coat comes from MONKI, the price is 350 yuan

Mint green: the natural color of spring

The refreshing mint green is between blue and green, giving a refreshing feeling of cooling. The slightly formal satin material is particularly popular and gives people a sense of luxury. This color is also very easy to shine in collocation. A bag with the same color or the opposite color can make you stand out from the crowd.

Kate Bosworth

Kiko Mizuhara

Recommended by COSMO

The coat comes from Zara, priced at 799 yuan

If you want to interpret the suit jacket in the spring, the plaid is too old-fashioned, and the black is too dull, you might as well come with a macaron suit that makes your eyes softer and more handsome!

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