Put on the "plush coat" for the nails

2022-08-09 16:56

Put on a "plush coat" for your fingertips to keep you warm in winter.

The role of nail art is becoming more and more important. In addition to the launch of exclusive nail polish series by beauty brands, the appearance of cracked nail polish and nail patches has made nail painting a simpler but more fashionable style. It is not difficult to find from the backstage of the major shows, and even the dress of the stars, rich red and wine red are the popular colors of this autumn and winter, which are very attractive to embellish on the lips or fingertips, and the matte velvet texture is more noble. . What are you waiting for, come join this fun nail art game and put on a burgundy "plush coat" for your manicure!

Tips for rich berry color

1. In the red series, red, dark red and burgundy with a touch of orange can set off the yellowish skin tone of oriental people, while the red with a peach feeling is suitable for fair skin tone.

2. Although the nail surface is covered with fiber powder, it is still necessary to choose a consistent nail polish base color to avoid powder gaps.

1. Apply a layer of nude skin tone polish evenly on the nails.

2. After the nail polish is dry, stick a circular label sticker near the edge of the finger, and then apply burgundy nail polish.

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