Red and Black Armani's 2014 Christmas Makeup Released

2022-12-26 06:01

With deep and slender oriental eyes and delicately decorated and charming red lips, the classic red and black temptation will be perfectly presented again on Christmas Eve.

"Modern fashion needs to be simple and not monotonous. Nude skin with natural luster, deep and slender oriental eyes, perfect nude lips with dark makeup, all exude a fascinating and mysterious atmosphere."

Linda Cantello, Creative Director of Armani Global Makeup

Armani's 2014 Christmas makeup was inspired by "une boîte lacquer"'s autumn/winter 2014 bespoke fashion collection. At the end of the overpass decorated in traditional Japanese origami style, red and black geometric figures strongly return, making Armani's classic silhouette a surprise again. The beauty of the world.

Armani's 2014 Christmas Makeup Collection

High-intensity work and frequent outings lead to dull and rough skin, and efficient intensive repair is urgent.

Armani "Black Key" Purifying Suho Glowing Film

Armani's first cream mask for repairing, removing turbidity, firming and brightening the skin - Armani "Black Key" Purifying Rejuvenating Mask, performs intensive care to make the skin smooth, delicate, elastic and translucent after use.

The creation of base makeup in dry climates is a major problem that plagues women. And a foundation that combines high nourishment and strong coverage can instantly relieve worries.

Armani Styling Creamy Foundation SPF20

A must-have red carpet foundation for stars who have created the myth of a single product coming back to the closet around the world - Armani-shaped milky foundation, rich in high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients and skin firming factors, to keep the skin moisturized and comfortable after makeup, away from winter dryness.

When you go out on vacation, quick touch-up is essential, and the delicate and lightweight Armani Ultra Satin Cloud Softening Cream and Armani Perfect Velvet Matte Lip Glaze are the perfect combination.

Armani Extreme Satin Cloud Soft Serum Cream

Armani Ultimate Velvet Matte Lip Gloss

As the world's first essential oil powder cream, Armani Ultra Satin Cloud Soft Essence Powder Cream not only moisturizes the skin, but also perfects the partial concealer of the makeup, creating a translucent semi-matte finish. The luxurious red color of Armani's velvet matte lip gloss makes lips even more seductive.

Si means "Yes" in Italian, "Armani Beloved Women's Perfume" allows every woman who loves true perfection to have a free heart, and makes us full of courage, dare to express ourselves to the world, and boldly shout to the world : Sì to dream! Sì to freedom! Sì to love! Sì to the best of myself!

Armani Favorite fragrance for women

The romantic atmosphere of the white Christmas night permeates the whole city. "Love" makes the Hip fragrance retro and new, lingering between every inch of skin, and the charming atmosphere blooms.

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