Red and Black List | Halloween this year, what the hell are you?

2022-09-26 06:02

Halloween, a festival for all demons and monsters to release their inner drag queen and show off their costume talents is coming again. What kind of ghost are you this year?

The first to appear is Kylie Jenner. In order to fight against her own family of dramatists, First Wangmei sacrificed her secret weapon: her daughter Stormi. Jenna Goose Khan's little female moth Qiqi turns into a butterfly spirit, trying to declare war on the ultimate flower butterfly Niu sister.

Miss Zhong Lixia eat oil played a small living poisoning beautiful fish, from styling details can be speculated that this should be the scope of activities mermaid in the Ganges in India.

Also drinking a bowl of Ganges water with Alexa Chung was Leona Lewis. The flop queen also sang Stefanie Sun 's classic single "Magical" for the guests .

Sao Dang, who never returns on the road to rock and roll, doesn’t need to buy extra outfits for Halloween. A cosmetic contact lens can bring red devil to life.

It's a pity that a mountain is higher than the other, and if you compare with the elder brother next to you, you lose a lot.

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