Refreshing age-reducing hairdo DIY 3-minute instant peach blossom beauty girl

2022-10-10 06:02

Introduction: Although male gods like temperament goddesses, they are still powerless to cute girls. Today, the editor will teach you three steps of cute hairstyles, and four steps will improve your love luck. If you want to take advantage of this season, don't miss it.

Princess head, braided hair, and ponytail are all age-reducing and sweet hairstyles. Match it with the most popular airy bangs, modify the face shape, show a sweet and harmless appearance, and kill a piece.

style1: The side of the princess head is tied

This hairstyle simply uses crystal hair clips to fix the hair next to the ears, creating an asymmetrical beauty that has the sweet feeling of a princess head.

The fluffy wheat ears are permed and the long hair is gorgeous and fashionable, and a crystal hairpin is embellished in the hair, adding a touch of freshness and freshness. The curly hair is fluffy and stylish.

Before we tie the hair, we prepare a similar long crystal hairpin.

The steps of the cute hairstyle:

step1: Weave a loose braid along the bangs and fasten it with a bow at the back of the head.

step2: Perm the end of the curled hair, and then fix the hairpin next to the ear.

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