Remember to throw away these outdated trends and be a trendy player in 2020

2022-09-26 06:01

Don't play with old stalks in the next ten years.

Reporter: Jia Linwei

Editor: Zhou Zhuoran

Finally entering a new decade, it is time to throw away some outdated trends.

Counting down in 2019, there are still a lot of epidemics that appear frequently to be annoying. Only Korean singer Kim Hyuna is suitable, but the "Hyuna makeup" that has been imitated by countless girls is a typical example.

The feeling of hangover and sickness created by heavy blush is the cause of the five-star makeup that is difficult to control. Not only will it make people look lacklustre, it will also fail to enhance the beauty of the five senses, and will even highlight eye bags.

Perhaps this year, there are few amazing female stars appearing, so young girls put their eyes on Hyuna. Not only learn her makeup, but also learn her hairstyle and dress.

Hyuna's colorful hairpin style has also been praised crazily, but this grotesque girl style pursuing extreme cuteness is not suitable for everyone and occasions. If the overall shape cannot be matched properly, it is easy for colleagues to roll their eyes.

Towards the end of the year, a domestic actress finally came out to the rescue, she was Ju Jingyi.

Ju Jingyi's retro look at a public event was hotly searched on Weibo in early December. She is wearing a black vintage velvet dress, and her makeup is the classic style that has never been outdated. The red lips, natural thick eyebrows, and light smoky eyeshadow make her facial features clearer and more refined, presenting the look of a typical Chinese beauty.

In the following month, beauty bloggers started animating "Ju Jingyi's Imitation Makeup" one after another. This non-prone makeup will naturally become the first hot makeup look in 2020.

Image source: Weibo blogger "Wu Qiongqiong loves to draw"

Another New Year's makeup look is "koi makeup". Listening to the name, you know that people want to win the new year, and they can also learn it during the new year. The focus of koi makeup is eye makeup. The most common method is to choose polarized, orange and yellow eye shadows. Girls with dexterity can also use red or yellow eyeliner to draw fish patterns at the end of their eyes.

In terms of wear, there are many old trends that need to be replaced in 2020.

The first thing to do is to hear the "millennial pink" with its ears, and the dark chocolate color is about to replace it. Perhaps it is the heat of By Far's underarm bag that makes people fall in love with the chocolate brown items again. Many brands of lamb wool coats have also launched dark brown this autumn and winter. Although they look like a hairy belly, they are thinner than the "Big White Bear".

Another popular trend in color is that the small and fresh macarons that were once a big fire are no longer cool, but the colors with higher saturation can show their individuality more. The most interesting attempt of these colors is to collide with the leather material. The stereotype of the leather item will be changed accordingly, and it will no longer appear cold and overly mature, and become lively.

The trend of changing small packages for large packages has also emerged.

Jacquemus once wandered between the super mini bag and the super big bag. Many brands are also following suit, but it is rare to hear which small bag is really in short supply. It wasn't until this year that Bottega Veneta, which was successfully reformed and became popular, also launched a super big bag, and "big" has the upper hand, and the market still prefers practicality after all.

Dresses that are suitable for both winter and summer have also changed. Tight-fitting skirts can hardly become the first choice anymore. Tailoring with loose sleeves, relaxed buttocks, and thin waists is more popular. This kind of dress will not put too much pressure on the wearer's figure, it will be better matched and look younger.

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