Repel slack and regain radiance around the eyes

2022-03-04 19:26

Estee Lauder's new skin-repairing eye serum series:

1. Estee Lauder Muscle Penetration Repair Eye Intensive Essence RMB650/15ml

2. Estee Lauder Muscle Penetrating Eye Serum RMB560/15ml

In urban life, you spend more time watching the screen than sleeping. Mobile phone, computer, IPAD. 3 screens for 10 hours a day, and the fragile eye skin is only 1/4 of the thickness of the facial skin. Multi-screen light damage not only damages your eyes, but also damages the fragile skin around the eyes, making aging earlier and more serious. The young eyes lose their look! The Estee Lauder Family of Bright Eyes presents a hugely new series of skin-repairing eye serum, the creation of Chronolux CBTM DNA-level biological clock synchronization technology, which instantly resists damage to the eye muscles, deep purification, accurately corrects the metabolic rhythms around the eyes, and simultaneously enlarges its own repairing power . Now let’s review Estée Lauder’s new skin-repairing eye serum series to see how its actual effects perform!

Estee Lauder Intensive Repairing Eye Serum RMB650/15ml

The exquisite and beautiful outer packaging design can greatly increase consumers' attention to it. Therefore, the highly popular skin care products are of course also inseparable from the exquisite design. Let's take a look at whether the design of Estee Lauder Intensive Eye Concentrate Eye Serum can make your heart beat.

Evaluation method: Observe the product packaging and bottle design, take a macro shot of its texture, and feel its texture with the skin.

Evaluation score :(Represents 1 point,Represents 0.5 points,(Represents 0 points)

Evaluation result: Estee Lauder Intensive Eye Repair Serum The slender brown bottle body and the golden bottle cap design make the appearance quite generous and professional. The push-type outlet is more convenient to access and will not cause secondary pollution. , The essence is smooth and delicate in texture, extensible, and has a strong moisturizing feeling after application.

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