Retouching is not as good as DIY eyebrow trimming, which makes the PS party tremble and eyebrow trimming Dafa

2022-12-26 06:02

Editor’s comment: eyebrow trimming is a very careful work. Learning to trim eyebrows can save a lot of eyebrow trimming costs, but many MMs are unable to start with eyebrow trimming and thrushing. In fact, eyebrow shape is an important position that affects makeup. Just bring you this eyebrow repair tutorial, teach you how to repair beautiful eyebrows!

Step1: Facing the mirror, place the brush flat on the top of the two eyebrows, and check the height of the eyebrow peaks on both sides. If the height difference between the two sides exceeds 0.3cm, the eyebrow peaks need to be trimmed; especially for beginners, it is not recommended to trim the eyebrow peaks, it will be very easy Destroys the complete brow shape.

Step2: First, shave the large range of miscellaneous hairs between the eyebrows and eyes with a safety razor.

Step3: Use tweezers to pluck out the small miscellaneous hairs near the eyebrows. When plucking, clamp the roots and pluck them in the same direction. Note that as long as you slowly pluck the stray hairs on the edge, plucking too much will create gaps in the eyebrows.

Step4: Use the eyebrow comb or eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrows from the brow to the eyebrow peak, and comb the eyebrows from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail.

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