Rihanna locks in this year's "Golden Nine Queen" in advance

2022-10-24 06:02

If you have watched the "September" documentary released by "VOGUE" magazine, you should know that in September every year, fashion magazines collectively join the "Golden Nine Magazine" cover war.

For fashion magazines, the September issue is the most important issue of the year. September is the beginning of autumn and winter. Therefore, in the September issue of the magazine, all women's clothing will use autumn and winter products for the first time, and all brands will also be in The September issue launches a new quarter advertisement.

Moreover, the September issue is not only a competition for magazines, but stars also use this way to prove that they are Queen. When a female celebrity stands on the cover of the September issue, the subtext is:

And if you get on multiple covers all over the world, you will become the "Golden Nine Queen" in the true sense. That is truly a matter of boundless beauty.

Today, "Harper's Bazaar" announced that Rihanna will be on the cover of Golden Nine, and there is an unprecedented 26-nation linkage, and 26 versions of the cover have been brushed at once, and it has been locked in advance to become the "Golden Nine Queen" of this year.

This time it is a special edition of the global plan, which also includes the large editions of the US, English, Greek, German, and Thai editions of the September Bazaar. The cover character is her.

I have never seen such a cover in the history of Bazaar, this girl is too rich~

This time on the cover, the subscription version of the cover costume yellow robe comes from Bottega Veneta.

The retail version of Rihanna wears her own brand of clothes, pants, underwear, and uses her own cosmetics and skin care products...

She no longer needs the brand to push the cover of her magazine.


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