Round face instantly becomes smaller heart-shaped face Bangs hair tail design is very important

2022-05-26 15:50

Natural long curly hair

This casual natural long curly hair style shows the very casual and lazy side of girls. The design of slanted bangs creates a delicate face in one second, and the chocolate hair color perfectly sets off the fair skin of girls, and It is also very sweet and beautiful, showing the fresh and sweet side of girls.

straight hairstyle

Long straight hair can best highlight the ladylike side of girls. The bangs with long straight hair and parted bangs perfectly decorate the face, while the brown dyed hair color is not only very simple but also very fashionable, and at the same time adds to the graceful temperament. A bit of a different feeling.

big wavy roll

This curly hairstyle perfectly brings out the girl's spontaneous side, the sweet smile exudes youthful vitality, and the dark natural long curly hair is casually plucked to one side, gentle and fresh, perfectly highlighting the fashion of sunny girls breath.

hair tail micro curl

Straight hair, brown slightly curly hair is very beautiful and romantic, it can fully show the sweet temperament of girls, instantly enhance the temperament, and at the same time, it also presents a fashionable feeling. A quiet and natural image of a girl.

Oblique bangs perm

Girls with round face and long hair can choose this perm hairstyle with oblique bangs.

Medium length hair perm

Girls with fat and round faces can also consider this layered perm hairstyle for medium and long hair.

pear head

The perm for medium and long hair is a very fluffy perm, with heavy bangs, and the hair on both sides is like wrapping the face, making it look very thin.

air curls

This perm hairstyle for medium and long hair has a strong sense of breath, the hair is a bit thick, but the ends of the hair are very thin, and it is very dynamic. It seems that people are very spiritual and it is worth trying.

Mid-point inner buckle repairing style

This mid-cut hairstyle can't see the clear hairline. Those girls who don't like to be seen by others can refer to it. The hair tail is slightly buckled inward, and the face-lifting effect is very ideal.

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