Say Goodbye to Autumn and Winter Dry Hair and Body Care from Kiehl's Collection

2022-05-12 16:26

As the temperature changes, there is less and less moisture in the air, and the dry climate not only makes the hair frizz and split ends, but also makes the skin of the whole body lose its luster and become rougher. Therefore, in addition to moisturizing the facial skin, the care of the hair and body skin is equally important.

Born in 1851, Kiehl's, a New York skin care trendy brand, has been committed to using cutting-edge technology and natural ingredients to provide customers with excellent and comprehensive facial, men, hair and body care products and quality services. Today, the editor will introduce a set of hair and body care selections from Kiehl's to keep you healthy in dry autumn and winter.

Hair Care Program

Thin hair is more prone to flattening than normal hair. If you want to keep your hair flowing and fluffy in the autumn wind, the editor recommends that you try the Kiehl's Rice and Wheat series. Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo contains hydrolyzed rice protein, hydrolyzed wheat protein and honey. It can effectively clean the dirt and residues of the scalp, and at the same time, it can also achieve the effect of initial volume, making the hair healthier, thicker and more sculpted. With the same series of conditioners, it can make the hair more plump and elastic, and restore a healthy luster.

Kiehl's Rice and Wheat Volumizing Shampoo

RMB 180/250ml

Kiehl's Rice and Wheat Volumizing Conditioner

RMB 220/200ml

If you want to have the natural coconut fragrance that belongs to the sun and the island in autumn and winter, try Kiehl's Amino Coconut Shampoo and Amino Coconut Hair Lotion! They all contain coconut oil, the shampoo effectively cleanses the hair and scalp, and the creamy conditioner balances the moisture levels of the hair for better manageability and smoother looking hair. Let your hair also smell the natural leaves all day long.

Kiehl's Amino Coconut Shampoo & Gel

RMB 180/250ml

Kiehl's Amino Coconut Hair Lotion

RMB 220/200ml

Body Moisturizer Picks

Entering autumn and winter, in addition to the face, the body skin is also particularly prone to dryness, so the editor reminds you not to neglect the care of the whole body skin. Kiehl's Body Moisturizing Body Lotion has been a customer favorite since its launch in the early 1970s. Enriched with aloe vera extract, squalane, vitamin E and a variety of natural vegetable oils, it provides a high level of moisture and hydration to the skin.

Kiehl's Body Moisturizing Body Lotion

RMB 310/250ml

RMB 540/500ml

It is also a habit of many people to use Kiehl's Body Moisturizing Mousse Skin Cream after bathing. It contains avocado oil and squalane. The unique fluffy mousse texture is easier to absorb. After use, the skin is more soothed and moisturized, with a rich honey fragrance.

Kiehl's Body Moisturizing Mousse Skin Cream

RMB 370/226g

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