Say goodbye to dry and uncomfortable body skin Dr. Jart+ new moisturizing body care series launched

2022-03-25 15:06

The feel of the autumn is getting stronger, and the air becomes bitter when the coolness comes in bursts. The cold and dry environment is very easy to make the skin fragile, and many skin problems begin to follow. The skin barrier is damaged, the defense power is reduced, it is very easy to dry, itchy, sensitive, and peeling. This is the manifestation of dry skin and severe dehydration. The secretion of human sebum and moisture gradually decreases, and the skin becomes dry and uncomfortable. While paying attention to the maintenance of facial skin in the cold season, don't forget that body skin also needs meticulous moisturization and care!

The skin care artist Dr.Jart+brand, professional skin understanding combined with artistic skin care innovation, with the brand mission of creating healthy skin Matching ceramide moisturizing ingredients, layers of moisturizing care, build a moist and healthy protective wall, gently care for the skin of the body, help strengthen the protective barrier! Keep the skin away from dryness and discomfort, deeply moisturize and lock water to enjoy winter, and make winter No fear of cold and dry healthy skin!

It is the glorious responsibility of ceramide to protect the skin's moisture and health. Ceramide

Dr.Jart+ exclusive 5-Ceramidin-Complex, 5 kinds of custom-matched ceramide moisturizing ingredients, internally improve water retention, inhibit water loss, externally repair skin barriers, and strengthen defenses.

Body skin should always feel hydrated and moisturized

Dr. Jart's new moisture-locking and moisturizing body care series, 4 new products give the skin layers of moisture and care, and build the skin's moisture protection wall. Rescue damaged skin in dry and uncomfortable seasons, and wake up skin's healthy and moisturizing power.

Dr. Jart's new moisturizing shower gel

Dr. Jart+Ceramidin Body Wash

250ml / RMB178

Moisturizing shower gel

Contains 5-fold ceramide complex and hyaluronic acid source of moisturizing care, delicate care in the bath, and goodbye to dryness of the body. The natural surfactant containing coconut oil gently cares for the body skin and provides a sufficient moisturizing bath experience for dry skin.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount on the wet bath cotton, rub the rich foam, evenly spread over the whole body, rinse with water.

Deeply moisturizes and cares for the skin

Formulated with 5 kinds of ceramides and shea butter to make body skin delicate and moisturized. With a buttery texture, you can feel the moisturizing care when you touch the skin. Let the body skin say goodbye to dryness and discomfort, a nutrient cream that deeply moisturizes and cares for the skin.

How to use: After bathing, take an appropriate amount and apply to the skin of the body, apply it several times on dry areas or areas that require intensive care, and massage until absorbed.

Skin is moist and smooth

It is rich in 5 kinds of ceramides for deep moisturizing, giving the skin a source of moisturizing power. Grain ingredients gently care for skin keratin, gentle body keratin care.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount, apply to the wet body and massage, wash with warm water. It is recommended not to rub in the left and right directions and use in circular motions according to the skin texture.

It is rich in 5 kinds of ceramide complex ingredients to keep skin hydrated and healthy at all times. A thin layer of protective oil, a lightweight essential oil texture without stickiness. Refreshing and moisturizing absorption, giving skin moisture protection.

How to use: After bathing, take an appropriate amount and apply it on the wet body, and massage gently.

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