Say goodbye to messy and bifurcated hair stylists teach you the secret tricks of bangs

2022-06-21 14:00

Hurry up, follow the beauty editor to steal the stylist and see how the hair stylist makes the bangs obedient

Part 1: How to obediently go to the side with oblique bangs?

The problem often encountered with oblique bangs is that they are not submissive enough. Often, you want it to go east, but it tends to go west, which makes people very helpless. In fact, as long as the hair flow at the root of the hair is corrected in the following way, the bangs will be fluffy and smooth, and go in the direction they should go.

Step by step,

1. Squeeze the hair product on your fingers and rub it on your hands evenly. 

2. Comb out the fingers from the inside of the bangs first, and then brush from the outside, so that the styling products are evenly distributed from the roots to the hair.

3. Use a denser round comb with a hair dryer, move left and right in a zigzag shape at the root of the hair, and then comb down.

4. Next, blow the bangs to the left and to the right, respectively. The comb should be combed to the root and the inner layer, not only the surface, until the spray glue is completely dry.

5. Finally, tidy up the bangs shape, such as: slant the bangs to blow diagonally, and the sister's head will blow out the tail radian.

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