Science Today | What can a medical mask do for your skin?

2023-01-23 06:01

Originally Answered: What can a medical mask do for your skin?

How many days have you been squatting at home?

Have the little fairies become little fairy pigs?

Usually staying at home may be due to laziness, but recently staying at home is because even if we cannot fight the virus on the front line, we can contribute to reducing the spread of the virus. Self-isolation can fundamentally reduce the medical burden, which is what we can do for front-line personnel. the most basic contribution.

However, even if you stay at home, you can't just lie down. We currently know that immunity is the biggest opponent of the virus, so the most important anti-virus method is to improve the body's immunity. The limbs are almost degraded when lying at home all day long. Remember to exercise and skin care. , Healthy eating and regular work and rest are indispensable~

The protagonist of our skin care topic today is a product with high safety and hygiene standards that meets medical standards - medical mask.

1. What is a medical mask

The essence is a medical dressing mainly for treatment and repair. The product name is generally dressing or cold compress, and the mask will not be directly written on the package, because it belongs to the medical device management category.

According to the requirements of the "Regulations on the Naming of Common Names of Medical Devices", the propaganda related to beauty is misleading and suspected of exaggerating the effect. Therefore, "medical mask", "mechanical mask", etc., are designed to facilitate the understanding and dissemination of ordinary users. Manufactured Concept.

Second, the difference between medical and ordinary masks

In order to reduce irritation and allergy rates, medical masks have simple and single ingredients, mainly collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc. The ingredients naturally present in the skin are safer.

Ordinary facial masks are based on the beauty needs of users, and the ingredient list is numerous and complex. The main functional ingredients such as whitening and anti-aging sometimes contain a certain amount of irritation.

safety and hygiene standards

Medical masks have medical effects, so the bacterial equivalent limit index is more stringent, and it has been clinically verified and can be used in wounds.

The main function

Medical masks are for treating skin problems, while ordinary masks are for beauty.

3. Applicable people

Minimally invasive skin after medical aesthetics, at this time the skin is in a sensitive and easily infected state, and sterile and mild products are required to isolate external stimuli.

problem skin

When the skin has sunburn, inflammation, acne and other conditions, using a medical mask under the guidance of a doctor can help soothe, calm, anti-inflammatory, etc., and help repair the damaged skin barrier.

Fourth, medical masks must be better than ordinary masks?

Poor experience with mask paper

Due to the limitation of the material and size of the film cloth, the degree of fit will have some influence

high price

Because of the high safety and hygiene standards, the production cost is relatively high.

Single function

It's not icing on the cake, it's helping the situation, but healthy skin can use basic skin care products, or muscle fasting to further improve the state.

Five, medical mask misunderstanding

Can medical masks solve skin problems?

Medical mask is an adjuvant treatment method. If it is serious to cystic acne, for example, it is necessary to take medicine to achieve the best therapeutic effect. Therefore, little fairies who want to solve skin problems, it is best to choose a more targeted treatment plan under the guidance of a doctor.

Can I apply it every day to relieve skin allergies?

Some medical masks are listed for daily use because they are aimed at treating traumatic skin, and keeping the skin moist allows the tissue to repair faster. Normal skin does not need to apply daily, as overhydration can cause inflammation.

Six, how to identify the formal medical mask

Product naming

It was mentioned earlier that medical dressings should not be named after "masks", and no beauty-related words such as anti-aging should appear on the packaging, so if you see "medical masks" with the above two points, please detour.

Record information

The product filing information on the back of the medical mask package is the name of the machine, and the name of the cosmetic product is the ordinary facial mask. The filing information can be checked on the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration.

Seven, purchase channels

Big brands can be purchased in online flagship stores, offline in pharmacies and hospitals, and can be reimbursed with medical insurance cards.

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