Shanghai Disneyland Officially Opens Disney Elements, Sparking Infinite Business Opportunities

2022-10-31 06:02

Gaozi's first new product with Disney elements, cheering for the 8th Gaozi Love Journey

The first Disney theme park in mainland China officially opened on June 16. It is understood that with the official operation of Shanghai Disneyland, Disney elements have triggered unlimited business opportunities. At present, in addition to nearly 50 tenants stationed in Shanghai Disneyland, there are more than 30 tourism companies that transport tourists to Shanghai Disneyland. In addition, more than ten well-known enterprises have signed strategic cooperation alliances with Shanghai Disney. Among them is Liby Group, a well-known large-scale daily chemical group enterprise in China.

As a brand of Liby Group, Gaozi and Disney Super Marines have reached a licensed product licensing cooperation, and joined hands with the well-known "Dabai" image to create and launch the first new product with Disney elements - Gaozi Moisturizing Water, which not only successfully detonated beauty and skin care products The market is also cheering for Gaozi's eighth love journey!

Gaozi whitening family adds a new member

At the beginning of 2016, Gao Zi joined hands with the fourth season of "I Am a Singer", and through a series of integrated communication links, Gao Zi and its main new product "Dabaishui" attracted enough popularity and attention, Gaozi Dabaishui was an instant hit, " The product concept of "not transparent, not white, big and clear" is catchy and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people! It is understood that Gaozi Dabaishui is the star single product of Gaozi’s whitening and whitening series, which has been researched and developed by Gaozi for 30 years. , and integrates the perlaura ginseng root essence and the natural whitening power of 8 kinds of plants, penetrates the skin, and the whitening nutrition no longer flows on the surface, and is fully eaten into the skin. At the same time, the dullness and impurities buried in the bottom of the skin are cleared, and the skin is clear and bright from the inside, realizing the effect of moisturizing, brightening and whitening, and quickly became the star product of the high-profile whitening family in 2016.

In the second quarter of 2016, the Gaozi whitening family added a new member. Through the licensing cooperation with the Disney Super Marines, and the well-known "Dabai" image of Disney, successfully created the first new product with Disney elements - Gaozi. Zicui Moisturizing Water subtly seamlessly connects and associates the image of Dabai with the brand connotation of Gaozi's "Datong Dabai", so as to seize the opportunity in the whitening market.

On the occasion of the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, Gaozi also ushered in the 30th anniversary ceremony and the 8th Love Journey launching ceremony.

Stars help to sing a high-profile ceremony

The Gaozi 30th Anniversary Ceremony was held at the Shanghai Overseas Chinese Town Grand Theater, which can accommodate 4,500 people. Stars and celebrities from all walks of life stepped on the red carpet of the ceremony, becoming the focus of Shanghai's fashion and entertainment circles.

At the entrance of the venue, the majestic group photo wall showed Gaozi's brand ambition of "whitening and winning the world", which is also the essence of the entire 30th anniversary ceremony. Walking up the carefully decorated steps, a row of star posters are neatly displayed, as if the stars are shining in front of you. Chen Qiaoen, Wang Han, Yang Lele, Huang Zhilie, Laolang... Celebrities have appeared on the red carpet show of Gaozi's 30th anniversary celebration, got close contact with fans and sang the Gaozi 30th anniversary ceremony together. And the show that night made fans even more excited. First of all, it was the most influential host lineup. This time it was the first time that Wang Han and the new hot mom Yang Lele were on the same stage after their marriage. The strongest couples cooperated tacitly, carrying Raise the banner of the 30th anniversary of Gaozi. In addition, South Korea's Oppa Huang Zhilie, the folk godfather Laolang, and the domineering leader and fashion queen Chen Qiaoen created a different spark at the 30th anniversary of Gaozi! At the same time, the Gaozi brand event - the 8th Gaozi Love Journey also set sail again, opening a luxury dream journey!

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