Spring whitening N steps

2022-10-27 12:52

Expert scientific whitening method:

1. Choose a series of whitening products from the same brand: apply it in the order of moisture-essence-cream, and finally rub your hands to warm up, press gently on the face, and use the temperature to make the skin care products better absorbed.

2. You can press the acupoints of the mouth of the ear - the middle of the ear - the earlobe respectively, which can magnify the whitening effect!

3. Whitening trilogy: thoroughly understand the skin type according to the skin type; choose the corresponding product; add some massage techniques.

4. Three-layer essence application method: If you must use three kinds of essence products with different effects, it is recommended to apply in this order: anti-aging - whitening - moisturizing. In this way, the skin can retain moisture while whitening, and be a supple "white beauty"!

Skin brightening tips:

1. The most important thing for whitening is sun protection. If you do a good job of sun protection, it will be even if it is dark!

2. If you want the skin to be clean after makeup, you need a brightening pen and a bright color pen, brush it on the T-zone, it will make the complexion whiter in addition to the radiance.

3. In addition to whitening maintenance and foundation modification, proper repairing can also have a certain "whitening effect".

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