She dares to appear without makeup and admit that she has cut her double eyelids... She has been so real for 12 years since her debut!

2023-01-23 06:01

Qi Wei complained about her Mei Chaofeng style

Picture of Qi Wei cos lady in Tang Dynasty

Few female stars dared to take the initiative to explain that she had cut her double eyelids.

Recently, Brother Qi filmed a series of fashion blockbusters for Phoenix Fashion. In fact, in addition to watching dramas and learning workplace skills, you can also learn her fashionable outfits.

LOOK 1 Trendy Mashup

Watch Qi brother teach you fashionable multi-level stacking. The letter T-shirt has a see-through mesh jacket and a leather suspender. The loose-shaped shorts are matched with plaid mesh boots. The colors and materials echo up and down. The overall shape is unified and layered, and the fashion index is bursting.

LOOK 2 bright suit

The weather is getting warmer. Now is a good time for girls to wear suits. I have tried solid colors and plaids. Would you like to try pink? You only need a simple match, and the outstanding color is enough to make you a shining point in the crowd.

LOOK 3 Modern Girl

A delicately tailored printed dress is a symbol of elegance. A pair of long gloves made of velvet adds a retro and modern feel. The red short boots on the feet are used as an embellishment to enrich the overall look. If you like simple matching, you can learn it.

LOOK 4 A smart workplace

What should working women wear? Brother Qi, who takes on the role of a free and easy domineering strong woman, has the most say. Choose a classic black suit with a white knitted sweater, and then embellish the details with accessories, you are a delicate and capable office girl.

LOOK 5 Elite casual

How to make everyday items more fashionable? See Brother Qi's demonstration. Choose an Oversize windbreaker and wear a bright orange shirt with a pair of white shoes, which is both practical and chic.

Produced by: Phoenix Net Fashion

Producer: Wang Nuo

Photographer: Nie Yunhui

Makeup Artist: Fan Ziwenyue

Modeling and planning: Zhou Yang

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