Shocked that these niche skin care products are too good to play, right?

2022-12-05 06:01

what? ? ? Fashion Brands Ditching Wig Shampoos?

Should caviar not be eaten and added to skin care products?

Can the lipstick be customized and replaced?

You don't know these niche beauty and skin care products, right?

Only you can't think of it, there is no niche beauty and skin care list that can't match! Otherwise, come and have a look~

This is a German brand named after the founder. Augustine Bard is an authoritative expert in the global cell field. He firmly believes that "the body is the best healer", and has used the technology originally used in medical wound repair and cell regeneration. on skin care products. It has only been established for more than a year, and there are already many European and American stars, such as Beckham's recommendation!

Augustinus Bader

Muscle Energizing Repair Serum/Cream

Reference price: 1859 yuan/50ml

The ace products are AB Blue Cream (The Cream) and AB Blue Cream (The Rich Cream), the core ingredient is the cell trigger factor TFC8®, which can awaken the youthful potential of every cell. The cream is more refreshing and absorbs quickly as soon as it is applied to the face. It is very comfortable to use in summer. The cream includes squalane, argan oil, etc., which are more suitable for dry skin. The amazing thing is that these two products can also be adjusted according to their own moisturizing needs, and they can be used together~

Can be used alone or in combination with AB Blue Cream in the morning and AB Blue Cream in the evening; or a combination of both, the skin care effect is up!

The natural anti-aging brand created by British beauticians, the price is more affordable, the main focus is mild and non-irritating, and it is committed to creating plump skin with obvious lines.

If you want to start with this brand, the star makeup remover is the first to be recommended, who knows who uses it!

Emma Hardie

Moringa Cleansing Balm

Reference price: 339 yuan/100g

Because the ingredients are mild, Da K does not feel uncomfortable when using it to remove eye makeup. The brand's unique makeup removal method is to follow the lymphatic line "drawing a line without drawing a circle", pulling and dredging the lymphatic, and then gently wiping the skin with a thin gauze cloth. In addition to Moringa seed extract, there are also a series of skin nourishing ingredients. While removing makeup, I feel that I exude the fragrance of citrus, orange blossom, and jasmine, which is very healing~

A skin care and hair care brand from Spain, with decades of experience in a professional laboratory, has developed a biotechnology skin care brand that can improve the aging of the whole body, including skin, hair and scalp. They are also the first lady-level brand in the world to use caviar in hair care products.

Miriam Quevedo

Extreme Caviar Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Reference price: 268 yuan/250ml

The post-90s are already middle-aged women, and it is difficult to deny the need for hair loss prevention and hair growth. The foam of the shampoo has a light fragrance, and it has an indescribable sense of luxury. After shampooing, hair is smooth and fluffy and lasts for days~

Miriam Quevedo

Zhenrong Glacier Rare White Caviar Precious Cream

Reference price: 948 yuan/50ml

The active essence extracted from the rare white sturgeon caviar is added to the essence, and every strand of paste is applied to the face, making Da K talking about high repair and anti-aging! It is more recommended for friends with medium to dry skin to try it. For oily skin, it is recommended to use the cream at night. After applying it at night, I feel that the skin is covered with caviar, and the next morning when I wake up, the skin is slippery to the touch.

Chantecaille is famous in France! It is still a niche brand in China, focusing on high-concentration, natural, herbal essences. The makeup series also pursues a natural effect.

Chantecaille Natural Skin Light Base Makeup

Reference price: 588 yuan/50g

You could call it a primer or a tinted face cream, but it's actually a sunscreen and foundation 3-in-1 makeup base.

The formula is light and makes the base makeup look clear and full. It is really the best magic weapon to add points to the base makeup~ and it contains unique thyme and butterfly bush extracts, which can resist aging and oxidation, and inhibit the foundation from turning yellow; hyaluronic acid Sodium micro-molecules help lock in skin moisture and easily hold makeup all day.

In addition to being a bespoke fashion giant in the French fashion industry, BALMAIN made the most famous "good friends" Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid before the Balmain fashion show opened, they wore wigs with each other's natural hair color. Now even the real hair has to be taken care of! The styling products of the Victoria's Secret show are BALMAIN~

Balmain Volumizing & Fluffy Shampoo

Reference price: 320 yuan/300ml

Volumizing and fluffy shampoo is simply a good news for fine hair. It supplements the hair with 17 kinds of amino acids, vitamin B, and argan oil extract. After washing, the hair is light and fluffy. No parabens, no sulfates, no parabens, no hair damage during shampooing~

EVE LOM is a skincare brand founded by beauticians in professional salons in the UK. Using EVE LOM Makeup Remover will make you feel like an addictive beauty ritual.

EVE LOM Classic Cleansing Cream

Reference price: 590 yuan/100ml

The texture is a paste, and when you press it firmly with the palm of your hand, it will melt into a texture almost like a cleansing oil. Because the ingredient is natural cocoa seed butter, using this makeup remover to remove makeup can also make the skin soft and moisturizing, and at the same time has the effect of exfoliating, cleaning pores, and removing blackheads.

FILORGA is a high-tech anti-aging cosmeceutical brand. Filorga's skin care products incorporate the full black technology of the French laboratory, which can fight skin aging without injections~

FILORGA Silky Shine Mask

Reference price: 419 yuan/50ML

This mask is also called "Shiquan Dabu Mask". It has a creamy mousse texture and can be pushed away as soon as it slips on the face. It is specially aimed at the problems of dull complexion, wrinkles and large pores in the late-night party. The hyaluronic acid and core city NCTF-a skin complex containing 50 active ingredients are loaded into the nano-microspheres, so that the active ingredients can fully penetrate into all layers of the skin. I woke up the next day after applying the face, and found that my face was more smooth and smooth~

Farmacy is a brand from the United States that advocates natural ingredients. The ingredients from the farm are transported to the laboratory within 2 hours to make skin care products without allergenic preservatives and without harsh synthetic fragrances.

farmacy Honey Antioxidant Hydrating Mask

Reference price: 578 yuan/117g

This is Sephora's out-of-stock "First Aid Mask"! It has also won a beauty award in the UK~ The raw material used is the honey produced by the brand's own honey, with natural ingredients. Intimately, there is a magnet on the lid that can hold the spoon. It's great~ Apply a thin layer on your face, massage for 1~2 minutes, the mask will become slightly hot and turn into a milky white cream. After 10 minutes, you can wash it with cold water. It's gone.

It is said to be a niche, in fact, many people should already know it! After all, Jolin Tsai also endorsed~~ This is a Korean cosmeceutical brand and one of the originators of BB cream.

Dr.Jart+Ti Jiating Vitality Hydrating Ampoule

Reference price: 398 yuan / 30 capsules

Still have to seriously introduce this new product! This is a small blue pill ampoule that keeps the skin hydrated~ There are 5 different hyaluronic acid molecules in it to penetrate the dry skin. It may feel a little sticky on the hands, but it is easy to absorb when applied to the skin~~ A small amount can be applied to the face in 3 times, and a small amount of it can be absorbed by dabbing several times! If you use it, it will get muddy, and you may not have done a deep clean on your skin for a long time~

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