Simple and beautiful Korean style low bun hairstyle

2022-05-16 11:41

Simple and beautiful Korean style low bun hairstyle

[Style 1]

After taking care of the long hair, we can first tie the hair into a low ponytail, then pull down the rubber band that fixes the ponytail, spread the hair in the middle with the thumb and forefinger, and roll the ponytail inward into the hole in the middle.

After rolling the end of the hair in again, we can take care of the hair on both sides a little to avoid the hair being scattered, and then fold the end of the hair back inward and move closer to the root of the ponytail.

Put the ponytail into a low bun, use multiple bobby pins to fix the interface between the bun and the ponytail, and then use beautiful hair to pin it on the bun to fix the gap between the bun and the hairstyle.

[Style 2]

First take care of the hair, then divide the hair into three parts, tie the middle hair into a ponytail, and then braid it into a full braid and secure it with a rubber band.

Twist the braid into a small bun and secure it with the base of the ponytail, then twist the hair on one side into two braids.

Similarly, twist the other side of the hair into a two-strand braid, then place the two braids on top of each other on the bun, use a bobby pin to fix the end of the hair, and finally pull the top of the hair with your hands to make it Become naturally fluffy.

These two Korean-style low bun hairstyles are simple and beautiful, suitable for a wide range of people, you can have them too! 

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