Sister Kitty, the devil of color, played color pop and appeared in AUM's first show

2022-09-19 06:01

On the afternoon of March 12, 2018, A/W2018 Shenzhen Fashion Week kicked off successfully , with a full range of professional fashion

Release the latest season of fashion trends, and see the beauty of life from an artistic perspective .

AUM, a designer brand under the Marsfield Group, has a fashion show with the theme of "probably so".

Transforming the show field into an urban forest, creating a world where all phenomena are unified in an ethereal artistic conception, and playing elegance for this season's fashion week


This time, the label character of the Fashion Week - Sister Kitty, the devil of color, was invited as the fashion guest of AUM, the first show of Shenzhen Fashion Week, reflecting the freedom and eclecticism of the brand's tone. Sister Kitty appeared in a spring-like greenery, perfectly interpreting Pop Nouveau, with blue embellishments to create a local contrast, the whole set of Look light

Lively, fashionable and interesting. There were bursts of voices on the scene, which once set off a hot topic of discussion.

AUM uses different rhythms of fashion language, alluding to the living state of freedom and freedom, and looks at it in a normal way

The so-called elegance and ideals experience mediocrity and simplicity in an elegant manner, presenting women's lives in the new era.

Under the context, it expresses the ordinary life in which the differences will eventually merge. In the release series, AUM maintained a

The wide and consistent silhouette integrates Eastern and Western culture and history. The structure is loose but not sloppy. In cotton, linen, wool,

Natural materials such as silk and natural tones such as black, white and yellow show the usual lightness of clothing in a "bystander" state.

Of course. At the same time, the opposing design concepts are combined into one, eclectic, old and new, classic and young, spiritual

Active and reckless, creating a dual image of nostalgia and future.

Although the expression of clothing is very different from the bold coloring style practiced by Sister Kitty, the attitude towards fashion is very different.

The family has the same attitude. That is, break the routine and constraints, explore the unknown, and challenge more possibilities.

Fashion is an important part of humanities and an index of creative life in a city. In-depth exploration of Shenzhen Fashion Week

The combination of fashion and art makes the city and life full of beauty and vitality.

Art is the eternal muse of fashion, because the other side of art is fashion.

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