Sister milk tea is hanging up again! Fluorescent light white skin kills the ladies

2022-10-31 06:02

The searches these days have been contracted by the "Shuang Song CP". The handsome men and beautiful women are indeed eye-catching. I turn on my mobile phone and subscribe to the official account every day, and I read "Song Hye Kyo Song Zhongji...". I have seen a few days of aesthetic fatigue. Today I want to talk to you about another person on the hot search, that is Zhang Zetian, the "milk tea sister" who appeared beautifully on the show.

Who is Zhang Zetian? Isn't the title of "Jingdong Mistress" not big enough, no one should be ignorant now. It’s not a celebrity but attracts much attention, and it’s a "hot search physique" that everyone puts it on the hot search.

This time, under Shuangsong CP’s crazy dog ​​food spreading, can I still notice what happened to her on the hot search? It turned out that she appeared at the Paris Fashion Week to watch the show, which is very different from the past green look. This time, her fashion taste was the same as that of the opening, which surprised a lot of people.

Only wearing a black and white dress makes the sense of fashion very different. The hair has also changed from the original long curly hair, replaced by a shoulder-length LOB head, which is capable and elegant.

With exquisite facial features, her makeup is more atmospheric this time, and at the same time her excellent temperament is well brought out.

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