Skillfully use the cold knowledge of beauty gadgets

2022-09-29 13:04

Brow/Lash Comb

The eyelash comb can also be used as a brow comb, which is very practical! This small comb is made of metal, which is fine and powerful, making it easier to handle eyelashes. However, pay attention to the strength when using the metal material, so as not to hurt the skin.

Eyelash card

With the eyelash card, you no longer have to worry about the double eyelashes sticking to the eyelids and making up. It is necessary to rely on it to boldly brush out slender eyelashes.

Benefit eyeliner brush

The unique angle makes it easier to draw even eyeliner. Especially suitable for beginners who are looking for a stable route, this eyeliner brush from benefit has a unique brush head with an ergonomically designed angle, which is handy when applying eyeliner.

Anna Sui Anna Sui Magic Nail Stick

The two ends of this small wooden stick have different shapes: the oblique flat part, used before manicure, to help you push away dead skin and maintain the nails; the other pointed part, used in nail painting, helps you to paint and paste rhinestones.

Sephora Electric Nail Polisher

Not only are there electric ones for brushing your teeth, but there are also electric appliances for grinding your nails. The Sephora comes with three different types of grinding heads for filing, grinding and polishing. The dark gray side is used for filing; the white point is used for polishing and grinding; if you just want to polish the nails, use the light gray point. Powerful, it is a nail art tool that liberates your hands!

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