The skin counterattacks the inner tone

2023-03-17 19:41
Yimeiting Classic classic composite film

Yimeiting is a national treasure skin care brand in Denmark. They not only pioneered the field of oral beauty, but have also been popular in Europe, America and even the world for more than 20 years. Different from pure collagen, Yimeiting oral skin care tablets are added with US patented skin protection formula LycoPhence GS Forte, which is rich in lycopene and grape seed extract, which can help skin firm, improve wrinkles and loose skin conditions, restore skin radiance. So although its price is a bit high, it is still worth recommending.

FANCL vegetable powder

Anyone who knows the FANCL brand knows that this brand attaches great importance to the combination of internal and external use, so it has many nutritional supplement products. Each package of this vegetable powder is rich in fiber, which is naturally beneficial. Adults need about 25-30 grams of fiber per day, 1 packet per day. It can be mixed directly with beverages such as juice, tea or coffee, or mixed with dishes or hot soup. Contains: maize fiber, chicory fiber, sweet tea fiber.

ASTALIFT Collagen 10000 Fruity Drink

It is recommended mainly because this fruit-flavored drink product is easily accepted by most people, and it is very convenient to eat. In a small volume of only 30ml, 10,000mg of low-molecular-weight pure fish collagen with the highest concentration and good absorption performance is added. Through the use of unique collagen technology, it achieves "super absorption" and also has the advantages of "low calorie". Formulated with low molecular weight pure fish collagen 10,000mg and lysine, it can effectively replenish collagen. A well-balanced formulation of vitamin C, a beauty ingredient, has significant whitening and anti-oxidant effects.

Vegetables and fruits:

Tomato: The king of fruits and vegetables in the anti-aging world, it is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E. Among them, the plant vitamin Beta-carotene can also help the skin to regenerate and restore elasticity, and help the eye skin to resist UV. In addition, the nutrients in tomatoes are fat-soluble, so after stir-frying in oil, various nutrients can be best absorbed by the human body.

Green tea: The catechins contained in it have good anti-oxidation and anti-cancer effects, and can also effectively eliminate waste in the body. It is a very good anti-aging product. In addition, the vitamin C content of green tea is more than 5 times higher than that of lemon, so it is not bad to make a cup of green tea from time to time to develop a good habit.

Pomegranate: It is very rich in natural estrogen, which can increase the synthesis of collagen, thereby slowing down skin aging. With age, the human body needs to detoxify regularly, and pomegranate is born with outstanding detoxification and antioxidant effects, which is suitable for people with dark and yellow skin. Long-term adherence can improve skin microcirculation, thereby brightening and brightening skin tone.

Blueberry: The content of anthocyanin is quite high, and the antioxidant effect is very good. At the same time, blueberries also have a prominent skill: enhancing people's short-term memory and delaying the aging of the brain.

External maintenance

Sisley Sisley All Day Care Essence

It is suitable for skin that has been infringed by the outside world for a long time in the city. Anti-ultraviolet, anti-pollution and anti-stress help resist external environmental stimuli that cause premature aging of the skin. Element:

• Juniper Essential Oil: Energizes the skin

• Shea Butter: Nourishes protection, soothes repair, softens skin

• Clary Sage: Purifies skin, evens skin tone

• Hazelnut Oil: Protects and moisturizes skin against dryness

• White Willow Leaf: Accelerates HSP synthesis, resists elastase

• Apple: Strengthens the skin's barrier mechanism, provides anti-oxidation, and helps skin renew and regenerate

• Clary sage oil: promotes microcirculation

• Marjoram Oil: Energize

Kiehl's high moisturizing cream

Moisturizing is a woman's life maintenance homework, can not be ignored! This high-efficiency moisturizing cream contains cryoprotective protein extracted from Antarctica, which has anti-freeze, anti-drying, and powerful moisturizing effects. It can lock the skin's moisture and absorb the moisture in the air. After use, the skin will obviously feel the moisture balance, and at the same time help the skin to reduce the loss of moisture.

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