Small ingredients make a big difference 13 detox tools to eliminate negative energy

2022-09-26 06:02

Detox ingredient: Platinum Nano Colloid

Platinum nano-ingredients can penetrate deep into the stratum corneum, exert excellent staying power, and actively care for the initial aging caused by ultraviolet rays and aging.

Detoxification ingredient: Sansander

Layers of disintegration of melanin, precise removal of sunburn, age spots, acne marks and other types of dark spots.

Detox Ingredients: New Yeast Complex

It can promote the detoxification activity of proteolytic enzymes, deeply rejuvenate skin cells, accelerate the healthy regeneration of cells, and allow the skin to accumulate strong energy from deep layers.

4. sisley [microblogging] plant complex essence 1850 yuan / 30ml

Detox ingredients: chamomile, rosemary, sage

Effectively remove toxins, the dullness of the skin is significantly improved, the pigment is faded, and the skin regains a healthy luster. Strengthen skin tissue structure, restore elasticity, and delay skin aging.

Detoxifying ingredient: Pitera revitalizing ingredient

Regulates skin renewal function, improves lymphatic circulation and effectively eliminates toxins.

Detox ingredient: Himalayan Golden Flower

Acts on the inside of the skin's cells to effectively remove toxins that the skin produces every day.

Detoxification ingredients: Baihao Yinzhen

Neutralizes free radicals and prevents skin damage from UV rays, environmental pollution and stress.

Detox ingredient: Lecithin delivery system

Give the skin a powerful repairing energy from the source, so that the skin can reach the best condition.

9. SKIN FOOD Gold Caviar Revitalizing Milk 281 yuan/145ml

Detox ingredient: Gold

Helps the body to discharge old waste toxins, promotes skin blood circulation and metabolism.

10. JUST BB Earth Energy Rejuvenating Mud Mask 108 yuan/150ml

Detoxification ingredient: loess stone

It can effectively remove the dirt on the skin surface and pores, and effectively moisturize the skin. It can help detoxify, purify and restore the skin texture.

11. C'EST UNE BEAUT Harmony Aroma Massage Oil new product is not priced

Detoxification ingredients: orange essential oil, lavender essential oil

Helps detoxify and unclog pores for acne and clogged skin.

Detoxification Ingredients: Kaolin, Sulfur

It can tighten pores, effectively prevent the growth of blackheads, and relieve the symptoms of acne inflammation.

Detox ingredient: natural konjac balls

Natural konjac balls can absorb aging cutin, have a gentle massage effect, and experience instant soft and smooth skin.

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