Smell, touch and wipe simple 3 steps to teach you to pick the right hair care essential oil

2022-03-18 14:22

1. Smell: pure smell

To determine whether a hair care essential oil is of high quality, you can first judge by smelling it. The pure plant essential oils extracted by high technology should smell very refreshing and have a certain mellow smell. Although it's an oil-based product, it doesn't smell greasy and pungent. If you want to be more assured, you can drop a few drops of hair care essential oil and dilute it in water. The better the fusion, the better the quality.

Second, touch: clear texture

Smell the smell, and then observe the texture of the hair care essential oil. The color of the high-quality hair care essential oil must be moist and transparent, and the oil quality will be very delicate and smooth. Shake gently, the oil will be smooth like water, and the speed of flow is uniform, and it is not sticky to the touch at all, and it will have a silky texture.

Third, wipe: good penetration

Some hair care essential oils may feel sticky after being applied, because the oil molecules are too large and cannot penetrate deep into the hair core quickly, and can only stay on the surface of the hair strands, resulting in a greasy feeling. The easiest way to verify the penetration of hair care oils is to demonstrate with your hair. Apply the hair care essential oil to the hair, after 1 minute, gently wipe with oil-absorbing tissue, the less oil stains remain, the better the penetration of the oil, which proves that this hair care essential oil is of better quality.

L'Oreal Paris Essential Oil

L'Oreal Paris Essential Oil is carefully blended with a variety of natural floral ingredients, and it emits bursts of fragrance when used, and the pleasant aroma makes people very comfortable. Its texture is more watery and oily, it's lighter and less heavy, and just a small amount of it can be used to create soft, lustrous hair.

L'Oreal Paris Salon Exclusive Color Essence

Combination of 2 exceptional beauty single essential oils: Avocado Oil: Super nourishing and uniquely lightweight texture; Grapeseed Oil: High concentration of antioxidants and fatty acids; a lightweight texture that nourishes and shines for all types of hair and protection.

Paris Kasseur Double Essence Pure Rose Oil

The millennium rose from Provence is rich in more than 230 kinds of trace element molecules, and has the magic power of softening, astringent, repairing and regenerating; its unique agarwood can help the hair to polymerize vitamin E, prevent the generation of free radicals induced by ultraviolet rays, and at the same time Nourishes hair. Protects hair, leaving it light and smooth, like a new life. Instantly leaves hair soft, full and bouncy with an incredible soft sheen.

Wella Invigorating Brightening Essence (cc oil)

Rich in natural vitamin E active essence, macadamia seed essence, avocado essence and other ingredients, it can deeply nourish hair, replenish hair stem nutrition, plump and fill the hair core from the inside, and restore hair smoothness and elasticity. The top fragrance awakens the original charm of hair, known as the "CC oil" of hair.

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