"Soft and easy to throw down" Japanese blush aroused his desire for protection

2023-01-09 06:01

Every time you read a Japanese magazine, are you also defeated by the ignorant girlish feeling that the Japanese Madou can't stop? It can be said that the cuteness of Japanese makeup depends entirely on the way of blush: the ignorant girly feeling on the apple muscle, the temptation of reddish eyes and slightly drunken makeup... Even the earlobes can be put on blush! But no matter how you change it, it always gives people the feeling of being "soft and easy to fall over". The high cuteness really arouses men's desire for protection in minutes, and even we can't help but want to say it's really good KAWAYI~~

Innocent, defenseless, soft and weak, and easy to fall down are probably the sultry part of Japanese blush~

In addition to using the most basic apple muscle blush to create full vitality, there are many ways to play daily blush! Let the sakura girls in the neon country tell you: what kind of red is the most sultry! The way their blushes are opened is simply to use the rope to sell cute!

Drunk flush makeup - eye blush

When the hangover makeup just became popular, a variety show in Japan did a street interview - what is the "hangover blush" in the eyes of men? The answers were unexpectedly uniform: innocent, defenseless, weak and vulnerable.

It looks defenseless. The pitiful flush makeup and hangover makeup are probably the highlight of Japanese makeup in recent years. Putting the blush on the current position looks like an innocent and slightly drunk person who just cried or was drunk. Silly, cute and sultry!

Correct way to open:

1. Start from just below the pupil, use the blush brush to dip the blush into the eyes, and make sure that the blush does not exceed the horizontal line of the nose (it is conceivable to draw a T word under the eyes).

2. Generally, high-level blushes will leave white space under the eyes, but the focus of hangover flush makeup is to create a slightly reddish feeling around the eyes.

Vitality sunburn makeup - high blush

Although sunburn makeup is no longer a new word, the popularity of high-level blushes that have evolved from this is still high in the neon country. So far on the streets of Japan, we can also see a lot of girls with high blush. Compared with the girly power of apple muscle blush, this "sunshine" blush makeup is more charming and ignorant of a natural pastoral girl.

A long time ago, our queen Faye Wong took the lead, which is probably one of the earliest sunburn makeup we came into contact with and the most classic in our impression.

However, the girls in the neon country interpret sunburn makeup to be more girlish and more suitable for use in daily makeup.

Correct way to open:

1. First determine the highest part of the nasal bone, start from the middle, and use the blush brush to tick both sides.

2. The tick part is not on the cheekbones, but in the area above the cheekbones, which can increase the "cute value".

Shy makeup - earlobe blush

This year, the styles of Japanese blushes have been renewed, and many different styles have appeared. Can earlobes also be used for blush? You heard that right! Putting blush on your ears, there is a cute feeling of red earlobes when you are shy, and the cuteness index is bursting! This can't stimulate the protective desire of the man on the other side, it can only be said that he is a fake male god.

"You are my heart, my liver, and my sweet baby." Being pressed by my uncle on the bed to stage a kiss and hug, not only our group of melon eaters blushed and even lived tens of thousands of lives The old god himself was also pointed out by sharp-eyed netizens that "the ears are all red"! If this is the makeup effect required by the plot, it must be 10086 likes!

Correct way to open:

1. Put the pink blush directly on the auricle and earlobe, giving people a feeling of "blush to the root of the ear" when they are in love.

2. Use a small blush brush on the earlobe and auricle, revealing a powdery feeling, the earlobe can be slightly forced, but the auricle remember not to use too much force.

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