Song Zuer was only 21 years old and took the lightly familiar route, wearing a red dress, retro and glamorous

2022-10-31 06:02

Song Zuer is a very popular post-95 flower. As a child star, she is now more and more slim when she grows up, and she has received unanimous praise from netizens in both her appearance and temperament. In addition to the prosperous acting career, Song Zuer's development in the fashion circle is also very smooth. She holds the endorsements of many international brands and has good fashion resources.

A few days ago, the luxury brand Michael Kors held a fashion event, and Song Zuer, as the brand’s spokesperson in China, also dressed up to help out. I saw Song Zuer, who was attending the event, painted glamorous smoky "cat eye makeup", wearing shiny diamond earrings, and wearing a dazzling red dress, which looked particularly eye-catching.

Everyone knows that red skirts are the most difficult to control, right? In addition to testing the complexion of wearing, it also tests the temperament. And Song Zuer, who participated in the brand event that day, wanted to try boldly. She chose to wear a bright red short dress that shined and dazzled. At the same time, she matched a leather belt around her waist to easily show her perfect body proportions. At the feet, she wore a pair of black Martin boots as a finishing touch, which also added a little cool feeling to the whole.

Not only the dress style is particularly eye-catching, but Song Zuer's new makeup is also very attractive. I saw this high-profile appearance of Song Zuer, drew smoky "cat eye makeup" to show people, and at the same time dotted two very eye-catching "tear moles" under the eyes, the whole makeup is charming and mysterious, showing Familiar with her charm on the other side.

In fact, I think this makeup look might be more suitable for viewing at close range, because at first glance it looks quite new and special. But when the camera was zoomed out, Song Zuer actually looked fierce. In other words, this is no longer the cute girl in my mind...

Song Zuer in the unretouched state, both in appearance and figure, have properly withstood the test of the lens. A long straight hair is naturally draped on her shoulders, which highlights her slapped face, which is exquisite and pleasant; the contrast of the red dress and the black leather belt adds a sense of luxury to her overall look. .

Without the retouching of the filter, the incongruity of Song Zuer's makeup under the unretouched picture is fully reflected. Although smoky "cat eye makeup" is indeed very popular, such a charming makeup is obviously not compatible with Song Zuer's cute girl face, so it also makes Zuer's entire expression look a lot more rigid, saying this is still that Is the cute and agile Yuran princess "Yu Ran"?

It’s not that I deliberately found the difference. I showed you a comparison chart of Zhang Song Zuer’s different makeup looks. It’s really clear what kind of makeup she is suitable for. In the past, Song Zuer liked to paint fresh and light makeup, simple black eyeliner + pink lip makeup, which made her have a first love. The girl’s sense of sight; and when she appeared this time, she thickened and blacked her eyeliner, deliberately creating a smoky "cat eye makeup" effect, the makeup is slightly thicker but inexplicably a little old.

Please, this girly face of Song Zuer is obviously more suitable for girly makeup! To put it simply, it's like she used warm orange eyeshadow with a touch of fresh pink lips, which made people seem to see a ignorant girl, and a little bit of first love in the green.

Or with light eye makeup with a touch of retro red lips, Song Zuer perfectly interprets the retro and elegant charm of a young girl.

Want to come to Song Zuer this year is only 21 years old, is it a bit too impatient to change to the charming makeup and take the light-skilled route? In fact, in my opinion, she is more suitable for the sweet girl type. I wonder what you think?

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