Speiche Lightning Hair Mask opens a new chapter in hair care

2022-07-16 21:30

In 2020, it seems that the pause button has been pressed for everyone, and everything has entered an unknown state. Faced with life, career, feelings, big and small trivial things, we begin to become confused. Will you choose to continue to wait aimlessly or continue to improve, break through the present, and recharge yourself?

TSUBAKI opened the Lightning Life Energy Storage Station on the Xiaohongshu platform, invited eight bloggers from different fields to share their energy storage methods, and encouraged every woman to use "core" energy storage life, and use her hair to inspire herself. Row. Starting from the beginning of energy storage life is the correct way to open in 2020.

Use your heart to accumulate energy and open a delicate life

The eight Speiqi Lightning speakers love life and pay attention to exquisiteness. In busy today, they choose to use their own way to store energy for life. While enhancing the overall image, it also pays more attention to every detail of makeup to accumulate energy for the appearance; abandon the complicated and trivial in life, pay attention to quality rather than quantity, let the choice be subtraction, life be addition, and learn to effectively discard Li Lai accumulates energy for their own taste; adheres to the habit of fitness and self-discipline, gains an ideal body while accumulating energy for self-confidence...In life, they choose to use different ways to accumulate energy for themselves, and for hair care, choose Silk Lightning The hair mask stores energy for hair. In a busy and fast-paced life, hair care must pay more attention to efficiency and convenience, so that it can quickly charge the hair and experience the energy storage life from the "scratch"!

Use Speiqi to accumulate energy for your hair and let Meili add "beau"

The Star Product Lightning Hair Mask* contains "high-concentration hairdressing ingredients" pearl protein and penetrating amino acids, which can repair hollow hair, restore flexibility and elasticity to strong hair, and make the hair core round and full, achieving a "round"-like appearance. Healthy hair. Shiseido’s unique ``innovative penetration technology'' enables the hairdressing ingredients to reach the depths of the hair core when it comes into contact with the hair, and at the same time, it closes the hair scales to repair damaged hair. It can be rinsed immediately without waiting, which greatly reduces the beauty of contemporary beauty. Daily hair care time, while improving the quality of hair care. The star ingredient "virgin camellia essential oil" not only has the effects of repairing, moisturizing and hair care, but also injecting luster into the hair, making the hair continue to be smooth and shiny.

Lightning energy storage life starts from the beginning, TSUBAKI uses "core" energy storage life, and uses soft hair to welcome every wonderful moment in life!

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