Spring "makeup" pink and tender blush tips to brush out a good complexion

2022-07-07 10:16

Although all kinds of red lips have become the protagonists of this year's makeup trends, blushes of the same color still occupy an indispensable and important position. Now is the beautiful spring, the colorful peach blossoms and cherry blossoms have become people's darlings, and the girls are so in love with them that they can't wait to stick the dreamy and lovely colors directly on their faces.

To create "peach blossom" makeup is actually very simple. In addition to the plump and glossy lip makeup, the cheeks should also be softened in time. Proper use of blush can not only make the complexion look healthy and rosy, but also Help you recruit real peach blossoms!

Love peach pollen:

Location: Apple muscle

Smile in front of the mirror, then use the powder puff to take a pink blush and apply it to the apple muscle when you smile, spread it evenly, and the whole person immediately exudes a girlish atmosphere.

Location: Entire cheek

Use a puff or a blush brush to take more pink blush and spread it over a large area of your cheeks. This generously applied blush has a natural rosy feel, but can be weird when applied too heavily. Therefore, the editor suggests that you can use liquid blush, and at the same time do not apply too much.

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Charming Warm Orange:

Location: Spread outward with the apple muscle as the center

Orange red gives people a warm and mature feeling. If you choose a slightly larger orange color as your blush makeup, it is best to have lip makeup of the same color on your face.

Location: On the sides of the cheeks, extending below the apple muscle

Sweep the orange lightly on both sides of the cheeks and extend it a little below the apple muscle, which can create a good complexion and a face-lifting effect.

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