Steps for makeup on makeup dummy

2022-11-11 23:10

How to do makeup on the makeup dummy? Usually, people who want to practice makeup skills use makeup dummies, but they wonder whether there will be some differences between dummies and real human faces when doing makeup. The answer is certain. However, this doesn’t matter so much if you just simply want to practice how to apply makeup.

To get started, you can use some concealer to conceal the eyelids because the color of most of the makeup dummy is a little bit pink. What you have to bear in mind is that you should hold the neck of your dummy because it is better for doing the makeup during the process. If the quality of your dummy is good enough, the conceal is more likely to blend out as it does on the real skin. If you put too much product you don’t have a whole lot of eyelids to work with.

After this, you can set it with some setting powder. Then you choose a palette whatever you like to put on the dummy. If you want to do a nice smoky warm eye, you can go in with some gold on the lower eyelid. As you will see, it will look good. Maybe there is some fallout, but it is good that it is not soaking up as much of the pigment as you would like. So generally, it is not bad.

Following this, you can give it some lighter color on the eyelids. At first, you can barely see the color on the eyelids, but as a fundamental color on the eyelids of your dummy, it is normal as makeup. If you wish to get a lower lid space job when you are killing it, there will be a weird crease in the eyes as if it looks like the door smashed the eyes. Then you can go in with a blue or green color. You can wipe off your brush and do it on the outer edge.

As you can see, it is really easy to blend things out and it is not as easy when you are working. And it just blends itself out on the dummy like there is literally eye shadow everywhere though it is like up on your forehead which is underneath and you didn’t do the foundation yet. Then you can dig into this with your nails that you are not used to having.

After this, you can use a smaller brush going into low again. As you can see, it just blends so easily with the perfectly blendable eyelids and it is not like real life. Maybe this is going to give people false experience on doing makeup themselves because it is so easy to blend in. People usually use this for face painting which you could see that being very useful although once again people’s skin isn’t this tight unless you are doing some makeup that is five years old. Then you can apply the color that is really rad duo-chrome in the middle of the eyelids.

So it is time for you to put on eyelashes. After putting on the lashes, the makeup of the eye part is finished. Then you can put some foundation on the makeup dummy because most of them look really pink. You can give the dummy something to bring it to a lovely shade of not what it has. And you can go right over the eyebrows and paint the foundation on your dummy.

After this, the dummy also needs some concealer as the beauty gurus do with a little triangle. And if you want the dummy to look daylight, you can choose a lighter color. Besides, if the brush doesn’t work well, you can try a beauty blender and you just need to dab but no wiping because it won’t work nicely on the dummy. You can use the setting powder to set the makeup.

You can try a brow product like perfect fill brow marker which has got little on it that gives them a little hair. What you have to remember is that you should follow the natural brow shape when doing that. At last, it is easy for you to do some blush and lipstick on the dummy. 

It is never difficult to practice makeup on makeup dummy as you follow the advice mentioned above. Wish it would work well on your dummy!

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