Still ponytail? Learn this bun and lock your eyes firmly

2022-07-05 11:21

Ponytail is a hairstyle that every girl will and often choose. It is the same and has no personal characteristics. As long as you take a little thought, you can become different! Today , the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School brings an easy-to-learn and beautiful hairstyle, which is more gentle and gentle. Combing this hairstyle on a date will surely catch your attention easily! Simple and stylish, hurry up and learn~

Step1: Divide the hair into three parts: left, middle and right, and tie down the ponytail.

Step2: Pass the respective ponytails through the flip from the middle, and loosen the flipped hair lines to pull out nice hair lines.

Step3: Turn the middle hair bundle into a three-strand twist braid, and pull the flower.

Step4: The other two bundles of hair are also braided.

Step5: Put the three bundles of twist braids together and tie them with rubber bands.

Step6: Put the combined braids into a bun and arrange them a little.

Step7: Embellish with exquisite pearl hair ornaments, adding gentleness and elegance.

Learn and add points to your overall look!

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