Still struggling with nail polish? Time to try nail stickers

2022-08-18 13:01

Nail stickers are a kind of nail art tool that has become popular in recent years. The nail stickers are composed of two sides, one side is a sticky film; the other side is a decorative paper printed with various patterns. It is also very convenient to use, just peel it off and press it on the nail for 1-2 seconds and then trim it. And the important thing is that the nail stickers with high quality can also be used by pregnant women.

With nail stickers, your favorite cartoon characters can appear on your hands and take them out of the house.

With nail stickers, it is no longer a problem to want a complex pattern, and blue and white porcelain can be properly moved to your hands.

With nail stickers, you can also make the effect of a nail salon at home. Leave one or two solid color nail polishes to make the patterned nails less dazzling.

Want flowers to bloom in your hands? You still need nail stickers to help.

Although nail stickers are beautiful and convenient, they are still printed materials, and the coating on them may still contain toxic substances. Therefore, it is better to choose a brand of nail stickers. Now many big brands have already released nail stickers. Don't be greedy to buy nail stickers from some unknown small brands. The writers to recommend a few nail stickers.

Anna Sui Magic Creative Nail Stickers

There are 3 types of Anna Sui's magic and creative nail stickers, the beautiful and delicate black and red rose flower design, the cute and elegant colorful butterfly design, the artistic font and heart-shaped design of ANNA SUI. The entire nail surface and the pattern are coated with magic armor, which can maintain a beautiful nail painting shape for a long time.

L'Oreal Paris Art Nail Art Stickers

With many 3D three-dimensional super-dazzling patterns, it is easy to use, and you can create a delicate makeup effect in 3 easy steps. Three-layer composite technology base layer: ensure that it does not fall off for a long time; color layer: give pure color to the nail sticker; surface layer: fashionable three-dimensional pattern embellishes your fingertips.

Sephora Long Lasting French Nail Stickers

Easily create French manicures that are difficult to achieve in everyday life. 0 time to dry, 0 time to correct, long-lasting and beautiful color, classic off-white, let you interpret elegant French manicure at will!

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