Still wearing traditional choker? Give your look a new look for the New Year

2022-08-26 11:40

From "This Killer Is Not Too Cold" a long time ago to "She's Pretty" later, the heroine successfully imprinted the "neck choke" style in people's minds, and then walked away. So, enough loyalty Sister Jia came with choker, and of course there is a new way of wearing outside the traditional way. Let's first review how moving Choker in Korean dramas is performed. Gao Junxi is the kind of person who is popular and has a good temperament. With his good foundation and good taste in dressing and matching, he can turn himself into a heroine wherever he goes. So when she appeared, choker became the hottest necklace style at the moment. But in fact, there are not many ways to wear this necklace. 

Necklace that can "choose the neck"

The biggest feature of Choker is that it is short and skin-friendly. Although the shape close to the neck can modify the neck line very well, it still brings a lot of pressure to the beautiful girls, for fear that the extra little flesh and the big neckline of the clothes will drag their legs. However, these are not problems, because "choking the neck" is not the only style, with fringes and other decorations, it can say goodbye with the openness of the big neckline.

The black belt always gives people a cowboy style, but apart from the style of the surface, the casual feeling of looping and hanging down is the finishing touch of the whole necklace. In addition, metal style is also a good choice, especially in this day just after the New Year and welcoming the New Year, all kinds of parties are coming one after another. When sequins have become a must-have style, blingbling necklaces are destined to become a must-have style.

Stack up to play a new feeling

We have emphasized the beauty of stacking more than once. This kind of beauty is not only in the layered beauty of mixing and matching, but also in the playful creativity, which is interesting and attractive. For choker, whether it is matched with a necklace of ordinary length, or a "choker X3" stacking, it can be beautiful to a new height. Nowadays, chokers are always indispensable in the cool outfits of fashionistas. Of course, they are never worn monotonously, but to interpret the new fashion together with other necklaces. Whisperly speaking, sometimes pairing with other necklaces won't make your "choker style" eclipsed, but make it more prominent! Or simply have a double "neck choke" stacking freely, write your personality on the neck, and make others look at it with admiration.

Add some styling to play retro

When it comes to playing retro, I have to mention "This killer is not too cold". Natalie Portman was still the little girl with a stubborn energy, oh, and a choker necklace. Looking at it now, the necklace shape on the black neckband really throws a retro feeling into people's hearts. Therefore, most of the style changes only require a clever design. Do something about the pendant of the necklace, and the character of the necklace will be revealed immediately, and it can also arouse the covetedness of beautiful girls in minutes. In short, no matter spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can add some materials with a little shape. The retro pendant is falling between the collarbones, and it is the eye-catching weapon.

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