Stop staring at platinum bags. These are the most popular handbags in 2014.

2022-09-26 06:01

Givenchy Pandora Box bag

Li Yuchun left for Paris to watch the show. As a special guest invited by Givenchy, the airport Look is naturally a full set of Givenchy. Among them, this mini bag she carries is not simple. It was born out of the classic Pandora Box. It became a favorite of hipsters and celebrities when it was launched. It Bag is well-deserved. The GIVENCHY Pandora series handbags have become classics since they were launched. Now a new member of the Pandora series of handbags has been born, Pandora Box. This series of handbags is inspired by Greek mythology and symbolizes desire and mystery. The design of the hard-faced leather and the arc-shaped base incorporates a strong contrast between rigidity and softness. The unique shape of the drop shape makes the overall space of the handbag full.

Chloe Drew Bag "Little Pig Bag"

Taking the homonym of Drew , Chloe Drew Bag has the cute nickname "Little Pig Bag". Different from the usual square contours of other shoulder bags, the saddle contours of the DREW handbags are exquisite and modern, with rounded and stylish lines. The elegant twist lock system design is adopted. The chain shoulder straps are perfectly and harmoniously knotted on the horseshoe-shaped shaft ring. There are three sizes of this messenger bag, which can easily travel from day to day commuting to night party collocation. The neat finishing design highlights the luxurious material of the body. Because of its cute appearance and easy matching, it was loved by celebrities and supermodels as soon as it was launched, many of whom bought it out of pocket.

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