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2023-01-02 06:01

The armpit bag is also one of the hottest bag types this year. Since last year, it has quickly become the favorite design of major brands, and once dominated fashion week and the streets. Visually, it will only get more popular~

Almost every French blogger has one, Sabina Socol has a sexy baby face.

Big cousin Liu Wen recites a cool and sassy sense of fashion.

Melbourne blogger Jessica Alizzi also loves it enthusiastically, opened her ins and found that she has a lot of styles, it feels like she is collecting stamps haha.

In fact, underarm bags were first popular in the 1990s. They refer to bags with ultra-short shoulder straps and carried under the arms like a French stick. There is a classic scene in "Sex and the City". When Carrie was robbed, he blurted out: "It's not a bag, it's a Baguette." (This is not a bag, this is a baguette). Definitely true love haha.

The armpit bag is also called the mother bag. When it first became popular in the 1990s, many office workers in first-tier cities caught up with this trend. An assistant chick said that she often saw her mother carry it out. I think the "hearty fans" in "Pink Girl" also liked to recite haha.

After twenty years, the underarm bag has once again become a mess. In addition to being influenced by the retro style, its own charm cannot be underestimated. Let’s plant the grass together today: (Explanation: This article does not contain any commercial soft implants)

Why is it so hot?

First of all, of course because it looks good, haha. The armpit bag comes with a retro and modern atmosphere, and the back is full of body tone.

The short shoulder strap also gives people a capable and neat feeling, which is very suitable for fast-paced urbanites.

The armpit bag is born with an exquisite and small appearance, coupled with a short shoulder strap, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most prominent bag, it is simply tailor-made for us hobbits haha, don’t forget, my goddess SJP is also a Hobbit.

Especially when paired with a short top, the leg length and proportions that are against the sky are there.

The underarm bag is also very good with clothes, whether it is an elegant skirt or a handsome suit, it can be a plus point for the whole body.

Many French women like to use it to match printed skirts, which is very amorous. But remember to choose a solid color model, otherwise it will easily appear messy.

Not to mention matching a suit, neat and stylish.

The underarm bag can be worn throughout the year regardless of the season, and the compact bag is also light-weight with winter clothes.

From a trend point of view, this year is still dominated by presbyopia and retro colors, but the colors and styles are much richer. For example, there are many new light-colored models, which are more elegant and ladies; the shape of the bag is not limited to the oblong rectangle, and the shoulder straps are more slender and firm. Not only is it a replica bag, many brands have directly changed their popular models into underarm bags.

Classic choice

In the popularity of underarm bags, many of them are actually Vintage models. I have to say that many great and classic underarm bags were born in that era, and they still seem to be too fashionable.

Fendi Baguette is absolutely indispensable for the fact that the armpit bag became the smash hit It bag. Carrie's obsession with Baguette in "Sex and the City" made this bag popular even more.

One of the most popular is this old French baguette. The classic double F logo and the brown body make it coexist with a sense of age and fashion. I used to look at the picture before, but I haven’t seen the same model when I visited the vintage shop.

Later, I bought another one at the vintage store in LA. The pattern of the presbyopia is not the same, but overall I am very satisfied. The package feels super good, almost brand new. I won this one around 4k. Some people said it was expensive, and some people said it was cheaper. In fact, the pricing of vintage bags is mainly based on color. The vintage market for this bag is about 2,000-5,000 yuan.

In fact, there are quite a lot of vintage models of Fendi baguette bag, and it is not difficult to buy. If you want to be special, you can look at other models.

By the way, its new baguette weakens the back of the armpits and adds a thin chain strap. The official website price of this mini Baguette: 15,500 yuan.

Dior's Saddle saddle bag is the hottest underarm bag last year. It was first launched by the pirate master John Galliano in the Dior 2000 spring and summer show. It is very suitable for concave shape.

I guess everyone is familiar with this picture of Carrie, fashionable and classic, so I played it ten times eight times~

I also have one. It’s a printed model from the 90s. I bought it from a vintage store in New York. As for the price, I think it has a lot to do with fineness. I looked at it on several well-known second-hand websites. It was a few thousand to ten or twenty thousand. All have. In general, the choice of Vintage will be much richer.

The new saddle bag has undergone some improvements. In addition to the short handle, it can also be equipped with a cross-body shoulder strap.

In addition to the all-match brown in the solid color model, the summer back also recommends these three bright colors, the official website price: 25,000 yuan.

"Old Flower Style" is just right. Of course, it also re-engraved this letter saddle bag. The letter on it is three-dimensional embroidery, and there is also a fuchsia. The official website price: 22,000 yuan.

Louis Vuitton

LV's Pochette Accessories Mahjong Bao is also popular with fried chicken, and the Vingtage model is more commonly seen in street photography. Here, this is the old graffiti style of this little Ma brother, which has a retro street feel. I have seen models with pink and white letters, but they are all very difficult to buy.

Students who plant grass can look at the old flower models and white chessboard models on the official website. The design is simple and generous. The official website price: 3950 yuan.

Friends who like large capacity can consider Dauphine. The square lock and the tough and smooth body give a nostalgic breath. It has two shoulder straps. If you want to use it as an underarm bag, you can use the metal shoulder strap to carry it. Large official website price: 22,000 yuan.

Burberry also has a vintage mahjong bag with a classic check pattern. It is also a combination of a rectangular bag and a thin shoulder strap. Generally, you can start with one or two thousand.

There are quite a few options for Prada's underarm bags. Among them, Hobo is a popular item in vintages. The nylon material is light, thin and durable, and there are many colors to choose from. It’s not hard to find. The main point is that the price is cute, and you can buy a mini hobo within 1,000 yuan.

Although the style is more casual on the street, it is not against the harmony with the skirt, sweet and cool girl.

Also popular is Sidonie, which was reproduced from the Spring/Summer 2000 series. The line at the bottom of the bag is beautiful and smooth, which is highly recognizable. First put a blockbuster commercial from that year.

The new Sidonie is designed to be a cooler and more handsome black with other colors, and there are a lot of colors to choose from. Not only does it have a good texture, but it also unexpectedly fits. Official website price: 22900 yuan.

Light luxury choice

In addition to classic models, there are many new designs that are also fashionable and beautiful, both in color and in shape.

By Far

Last year, with a Rachel underarm bag, it occupied half of the street photography niche brand by far. The original intention of this bag is to pay tribute to Rachel Green, the heroine who loves to carry the underarm bag in "Friends".

In fact, it is not difficult to understand why so many people like Rachel, the long and flat bag is simple and neat, and the small one is very retro and fashionable in the 90s. The underarm bag I wanted to buy the most was his.

The brown on the top and the white Rachel on the bottom are the most sought-after items, but unfortunately they are basically out of stock.

But this patent leather black is still in stock, and many celebrity bloggers have backed it. Official website price: 2683 yuan.

Jennie had carried a light green before, and the fresh color matched her avocado top.

Regarding Rouje, the most impressive thing for many people is that its printed skirts are very beautiful, but you can also look at the bags.

This underarm bag is called J handbag, and it has a lazy and delicate French femininity on the upper body.

The bag is all-leather, including three pockets and two covers. It feels that the capacity is considerable, but it’s best not to pack too much, because it doesn’t look good. The green avocado is so fresh~

Pink and white are currently on sale on the official website, both of which are gentle colors suitable for summer. Official website price: 1956 yuan.

As for the staud that girls all like, its underarm bags are completely unusual. Each one has a quirky shape, which makes people can’t help but look at it more.

For example, this Suzy bag is like a cute big pen holder, and the small bag can be removed. Official website price: 2033 yuan.

This one also has avocado green, which is very refreshing in summer.

Ray bag is a trapezoid shape, with a kind of architectural beauty. Trumpet official website price: 2240 yuan.

Little Liffner

Little Liffner is a niche brand from Sweden, with simple and low-key style, but outstanding texture.

This Mademoiselle looks very textured, the special thing is that its handle is crossed on both sides of the bag. Official website price: 2720 yuan.

I like this mini baguette, the round handle is elegant and stylish. Official website price: 2829 yuan.

Mansur Gavriel

Don’t just stare at its bucket bag anymore, this small hobo looks so soft and soft~

However, people say that the shoulder straps will be a little harder. Anyone who has already started to share their feelings? The official website price of plant leather: 3,411 yuan. Official website price of cowhide model: 3756 yuan.

Fast fashion brands also have some good choices, suitable for small partners who just want to catch up with the trend.

Urban Outfitters

I've seen this one before. It looks pretty and has a good texture. Green and white stripes alternate, with a small fresh taste. Both the bag shape and the shoulder strap look stylish. There are white and other different colors in the same style. Official website price: 268 yuan.

There is also a white one, which is more versatile.

Zara's pale pink underarm bag is more handsome, with two shoulder straps, one long and one short. Official website price: 299 yuan.

It has slightly more choices.

It also has a very hot animal pattern, which is full of eye-catching. The bag shape of this armpit bag is also a soft one, and the bag body is of tweed texture. Official website price: 226 yuan.

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