Sulwhasoo held an air press conference, and the anti-sugar eye cream Xueyu Activating Eye Essence Cream was launched for the first time

2022-03-04 19:26

The first brand-new anti-sugar eye cream-Sulwhasoo Snow Royal Activating Eye Essence Cream, is dedicated to promote the emerging skin care concept of anti-glycation to the public and open a new anti-aging skin care experience for consumers.

Open the Tmall black box to support new products

Amorepacific is a world-renowned cosmetics group headquartered in South Korea. The group was established in 1945 and has a history of more than 70 years. It owns more than 20 well-known brands, covering cosmetics, personal care and life care categories, and is committed to satisfying the diverse lifestyles and needs of customers around the world.

As a well-known high-end brand under Sulwhasoo, it has always adhered to the concept of harmony and balance in the Asian philosophy, combining traditional ancient methods with modern technology, carefully selecting oriental herbs with skin care effects, and extracting them with modern technology to develop different series of anti-aging skin care products. This time, Sulwhasoo, which is the main product of plant extraction technology, has launched Sulwhasoo Snow Royal Eye Serum with \"five-color energizing factor\" as the core anti-sugar ingredient. Gesture opens the eye-brightening project for Asian women.

Tmall Black Box is an official new product channel dedicated to consumers on Tmall. It gathers global big-name first-hand new product information, and deeply cooperates with brands to create a variety of innovative and interactive gameplay such as first release, limited edition, customization, etc., to let consumers A one-stop collection of well-known brand new products, breaking news, hot styles, scarcity, priority information and experience. In the digital age, the Sulwhasoo brand is also following closely, working with Tmall's small black box to provide consumers with more convenient, more diverse and better quality choices through the Internet.On the one hand, the Sulwhasoo brand provides consumers with high-quality new products. On the other hand, Tmall's small black box provides a more effective communication channel for new product releases. The two parties join forces to not only promote the development of online consumption, but also provide consumers with better consumer protection and achieve a win-win situation of mutual dependence.

Anti-aging and anti-sugar

With the advent of the Z era, the main force of cosmetics consumption has begun to become younger. They have higher and higher requirements for beauty, and they also pay more attention to personality and fun. In order to better fit the preferences of young people, Sulwhasoo continues to innovate products, from the appearance of the products. The textures of the products are tailor-made for young people. The girly \"pink\" and \"jelly\" textures all highlight the surprise that Sulwhasoo brings to young consumers.

As a high-end brand with the goal of anti-aging, it also strives to introduce emerging anti-aging concepts to consumers, thus launching this new product-Sulwhasoo Snow Royal Eye Serum, which is known for its antioxidant needs. In the above, the concept of \"anti-aging, anti-sugar first, rejuvenating face and first rejuvenating eyes\" conveys the importance of anti-glycation, and makes continuous efforts for consumers to better choose suitable products.

Sulwhasoo has recently launched a new anti-glycation and anti-oxidant eye cream in cooperation with Tmall Black Box, which continues the Xueyu series. It attracts young people who have anti-aging needs with a girly appearance, and has a matte name ``Sulwhasoo Anti-sugar Powder freeze\".

In terms of ingredients, the core anti-sugar ingredient in Xueyu Eye Cream, the five-color glow energy factor, is extracted from Korean five-color fruits and grains (plum, sesame seeds, red pine seeds, papaya fruit and wild rose fruit extract), which can help Inhibit the production of AGEs, reduce the collagen degrading enzymes in the aging muscles, and help diminish the fine lines of the eyes. The second core ingredient is the essence of snow flowers, Sulwhasoo extracts the green plum buds just before blooming, each hand-selected, has antioxidant power and helps repair the signs of aging of the skin around the eyes. The third core ingredient is mulberry fruit extract, which helps repair dull skin.

According to the laboratory data, 32 women over the age of 29 and under 42 years of age tried the anti-sugar eye cream for 6 consecutive weeks. The data showed that the melanin index of dark circles was reduced by 7.155%, the R3z index of eye wrinkles was reduced by 15.7%, and the amount of water in the corners of the eyes was reduced. Increased by 8.450%, elasticity around the eyes increased by 30.645%. After 6 weeks of use, the efficiency of the eye skin has improved significantly, and it is a well-deserved \"anti-sugar eye cream\"!

On March 30th, Sulwhasoo will join hands with Tmall's small black box to open the online new product launch for the first time, a full-scale live broadcast experience, and a star airborne live broadcast scene. The super beautiful visual experience and interesting interactive links will bring consumers a brand new beauty. Feel.

The two major goddesses of Sulwhasoo share the ``eyes'' interpretation on the line · ``new'' birth

Due to the epidemic, Sulwhasoo will join hands with Tmall's small black box to create an online \"cloud conference\" integrating audiovisual. Two stars gather and big coffees to help out, come together for you to start a new bright eye plan.

Angelababy Yang Ying recorded a heart-warming video for the scene as a special anti-sugar examiner, and Li Yitong, the anti-sugar ambassador of the Sulwhasoo brand, will be airborne live. Li Yitong's unique peach blossom eyes are deeply loved by young people, and her firm eyes and hard work have allowed her to gain more and more praise and praise on her own path. This time, Li Yitong will join hands with Sulwhasoo and Tmall Black Box, and visit the new product launch site to start the new product launch ceremony with the executives of Amorepacific Group and Tmall. The site will not only share anti-sugar secrets, but also interactive Q&A, bringing anti-sugar The new experience injects youthful power into the live broadcast scene.

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