Super cost-effective solution to eye problems eight eye creams to take home

2022-06-09 11:50

1. The reference price of Benefit firming and repairing eye honey: 245 yuan

customized "iron head" to perfectly fit the eye area and instantly iron out the fine lines of bags under the eye; eye massage and soothing formula, cool and calm, relieving fatigue; translucent soft powder, perfectly compatible with skin tone; silky texture, before makeup can be used later. Puff off! With a custom iron head, it fits the eye area perfectly and instantly irons out the fine lines of eye bags. Wherever the iron goes, eye bags and fine lines look silky smooth! It irons! Use puff off before or after makeup!out eye bags and fine lines for long-lasting smoothness all day long.

2. The reference price of The Face Shop Mango Seed Moisturizing Eye Cream is 209 yuan.

A silky moisturizing eye cream that can effectively prevent dry eye skin and repair skin texture, firm and restore skin elasticity, and remove fine lines and dry lines; a large amount of vitamin C and carotene, the above ingredients have excellent moisturizing effect on skin , so that the skin can effectively resist external aggression and prevent damage.

3. Vichy ideal whitening eye cream reference price: 295 yuan

The original "Xin Chen revitalizing compound factor" stimulates the new revitalization of the eyes for the first time, and comprehensively corrects the three stages of the melanin life cycle. It gradually improves the dryness of dark circles and skin around the eyes, making the eyes look whiter and brighter.

4.  NARUKO New Magnolia Diamond Firming Eye Cream Reference price: 180 yuan

The eye area, which is only 1/3 of the thickness of normal skin, is the thinnest area of the body. It can withstand more than 10,000 blinks every day. It is linked with facial expressions and pulled together, and the skin around the eyes loses its elasticity over time.NARUKO New Magnolia Diamond Firming Eye Cream, with its 3-level revitalization system, creates a perfect electric eye.

5. The reference price of SKINFOOD Salmon Roe Brightening Eye Repair Cream: 252 yuan

This eye repair cream is carefully prepared for sensitive eye skin using precious salmon roe extract, Norwegian salmon oil, and arbutin as the main raw materials. The texture is extremely soft and delicate. Salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and VE. The sub-ingredients moisturize the dry skin around the eyes immediately after application, help blood circulation, prevent skin aging, and improve the dullness of the skin around the eyes, so that you can regain radiance and bright eyes.

6. Mamonde flower face condensate essence eye cream reference price: 249 yuan

Dream makeup "miracle eye cream" can effectively restore the elasticity of the skin around the eyes, smooth wrinkles, reduce dark circles, and make the eyes look more energetic. The rich and soft texture gently touches the skin around the eyes and penetrates quickly like a serum.

7. Reference price of Avene soothing moisturizing eye cream: 208 yuan

This product uses an oil-free formula. It contains chamomile water, which effectively calms and soothes the fragile skin around the eyes; effectively relieves eye puffiness; and fades annoying dark circles. Take special care of the delicate eye area.

8. YUE-SAI Ganoderma lucidum revitalizing eye essence reference price: 240 yuan

YUE-SAI Ganoderma lucidum revitalizing eye essence extracts pure Lingzhi spore polysaccharide through patented microwave extraction technology, injects Lingzhi energy into "tired" cells, improves the internal circulation of the skin around the eyes, and solves the three major eye problems in one fell swoop. The active ingredients of Ganoderma lucidum spore polysaccharide can effectively activate cell energy, improve blood circulation and metabolism of the skin around the eyes, and with gentle massage techniques, it can instantly brighten the skin around the eyes, improve the problem of annoying dark circles, reduce the problem of eye puffiness, and at the same time, deeply nourish and protect the eyes. Remove the delicate sebum film, strengthen the skin around the eyes, smooth fine lines, and keep the eyes sparkling!

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