Supercars and radar detectors? The star surroundings are too crazy now

2022-09-19 06:01

Recently, Travis Scott went out of the surrounding area again. This time he introduced masks, hand sanitizer and a safe touch tool. The overall design is still based on the classic elements of Cactus Jack.

The beauty of these items is still online, just like Travis Scott's previous surroundings, with rich colors, diverse patterns, and interesting creativity. It is worthy of being a rap TOP1 player.

The design of Travis Scott's peripheral products has always been very good, just like his predecessor Kanye West, it can even be said that blue is better than blue. And another peerless Tianjiao A$AP Rocky did not do too much, creating many eye-catching works.

Kanye West's "Jesus is king" surroundings

Other popular fried chickens also spare no effort in creating peripherals. For example, Bi Li and Takashi Murakami’s MV'you should see me in a crown' has launched many peripheral products.

Since then, she has cooperated with Uniqlo, combining classic elements such as'BILLIE', sunflowers, and'blōhsh' villain Logo to create a joint series, which can be said to be sold in full swing at the time.

Another example is Justin Bieber's invitation to Fear of God principal Jerry Lorenzo in the past few years to create'Purpose Tour' peripheral clothing products, which will also be widely sought after, and the limelight is unparalleled.

Of course, the leader Kanye West cannot be missed. Its'The Life of Pablo' Pop-up limited store has sold one million US dollars in the past two days, taking the surrounding economy to a new height.

In addition, Tyler, the creator, Dababy, Kid Cudi, The Weekend, 21 savage, Lil Wayne and others have also launched personal peripheral items during the concert or before and after the release of a new album.

As we all know, music surroundings is not a rare thing for a long time, and it began to appear around unofficially produced fans in the 1940s. The earliest official music peripheral is said to be in 1956, when the Elvis Presley team launched the first peripheral series, which was sought after by many fans.

Other bands and promoters quickly noticed this trend, and successively began to produce official peripherals to follow up this trend.

The very hot Kurt Cobain picture Tee in the Vintage market

This trend has continued to the present, and in the innovation of creative people, it has extended a product model and marketing model that is very different from the past, exploding with unprecedented vitality.

Below, let us take a look at how the Fan Merchandiese series has changed over the years.

1. Explosion-proof shield, radar detector dice

Wearing peripheral series is not only for the sense of identity, but now young people have higher and higher requirements for design. If peripheral products and aesthetics do not match, everyone will not buy it.

1956 Elvis Presley Merchandise close up

2019 A$AP Rocky "Testing" surroundings

Moreover, in this era of fusion of fashion and music, some stars are not only satisfied with musical success, they also hope to give full play to their creative talents in clothing, and peripheral products are one of the mediums.

The hip-hop brand'Phat Farm' founded by Russell Simmons

PS: Different from the practice of hip-hop singers creating personal brands in the late 1990s, hip-hop singers today are more inclined to make a fuss about peripheral products.

Therefore, driven by both fans and celebrities, the current peripheral products incorporate more fashion and artistic elements in the design, creating many items with a strong sense of design.

Heron Preston X Lil Wayne

The traditional music peripheral T-shirts are relatively uniform in design. Most of them are simple collages of related elements of various music stars. In addition, their background colors are mostly black and white and relatively monotonous, unlike the current peripheral T-shirts. A low-saturation color bombardment.

Band Tee

In addition, in order to meet the freshness and desire of fans and the creative needs of stars, the number of peripherals has increased significantly, and the product line of peripherals has been extended widely.

Rico Nasty peripheral series

Travis Scott is one of the representatives. In the peripheral series of the album "JACKBOYS", he introduced various items such as explosion-proof shields, racing gloves, radar detector dice, car covers, masked caps, etc., breaking the conventional peripheral product ideas.

The traditional three-piece set of "canvas bag, T-shirt and badge" pales in comparison with it.

In addition, what is even more surprising is that the BMW "Jack" sports car in the "JACKBOYS" MV has also appeared in Travis Scott's store, which caused a heated discussion at the time.

"JACKBOYS" BMW'Jack' sports car

John Winston Lennon

PS: If John Lennon, the Rolls-Royce Phantom with Paisley elements, could also do some marketing like Travis Scott, that would not be true. . .

In the album "Astroworld", he developed multiple product lines and cooperated with Readymade, Dover Street Market and other units. Since then, in the cooperation with "Fortress Night", TS has been put on the shelves up to five times, and the number of its peripheral products can be said to be countless.

Travis Scott x Dover Street Market'Astroworld'

In order to further meet the needs of young people today, the peripheral series has developed products suitable for other age groups, broadening the breadth of the peripheral audience. Among them, the'BILLIE EILISH KIDS' children's series launched by Ellish Billie has been crowded by many fans.

Billie'Blohsh' children's clothing collection

In the entire development process of the peripheral product model, the various alternative approaches are really amazing. Then in the marketing model, how do the new generation of creatives change?

2. YZY x GAP

There are too many peripheral products now. If the marketing methods are not surprisingly successful, it will be difficult to leave a deep impression in people's hearts. If the marketing channels are not diversified, then sales will be easily restricted.

TUPAC Vintage Tee

Therefore, if the marketing is not done well, even if it is a good product, it is likely to fall into the situation of'wine fragrance and fear that the alley is deep'. In this case, music stars have to roll up their sleeves and begin to show their skills.

Kendall Jenner's upper body Kanye around

The cross-border joint name, which has been very hot in recent years, is a good way out. The most eye-catching event recently is the random event "Travis Scott's Astro Nomical" that Travis Scott collaborates with Fortnite. This event has received unprecedented popularity, earned enough attention, and has become a symbol of cross-border cooperation between games and music. Sexual events.

Travis Scott's Astro Nomical

And the big brother Kanye West did not do too much. The'Sunday Service' launched by him is interesting and predictable, and comes with a certain topicality (Kanye mental illness and religious worship), plus the setting of the invitation system and various celebrities. With the support of friends, this project has received widespread attention from the very beginning.

Sunday Service scene

Other music stars have also come up with a lot of good ways. Joint cooperation with fast fashion brands is one of the unexpected tricks. Before, Justin Bieber cooperated with H&M and made a lot of money; afterwards, Billie Eilish cooperated with Uniqlo, and everyone rushed to grab it. Some time ago, there was another combination of Kanye West and GAP, which shows that it is co-branded with a wide audience of fast fashion brands. Has become a trend.

YZY x GAP store decoration

In addition, music stars have also made many changes to the traditional sales model. For example, changing the previous "unlimited time limit" to "unlimited time limit" has effectively promoted product sales and capital circulation, and maximized commercial benefits.

Travis Scott "Highest in the Room"

Furthermore, the bundling sales model has been applied incisively and vividly around celebrities. For example, Tyler, the Creator released a different peripheral package every day for a while, and bundled the album with peripheral products. Buying a peripheral will contribute to the sales of the album.

And Travis Scott has also bundled tour tickets with peripheral products, and has achieved great success.

"IGOR" MV with the same suit is sold on the official website

In terms of sales channels, peripheral sales have long been not limited to retail stores and on-site sales. The establishment of independent online stores, and Pop-up Stores held all over the world have helped traditional peripheral sales break through the constraints of space and time.

Kendrick Lamar Pop-up Store

The exclusive designs created by major stars for online stores and Pop-up Stores have further conveyed their aesthetic concepts to everyone.

Kanye West invited Nick Knight to design an e-commerce website for it

The brand-new marketing model has made a great breakthrough in peripheral sales. In this history of changes in peripheral industries, the iteration of product models is a well-deserved engine, and the improvement of marketing models has assumed the role of booster. Together, the two have created a new peripheral economy.

3. The peripheral is just giving others money

So having said that, I would like to ask, what is the impression of your surroundings in your eyes? There are many kinds of clothes, but the surroundings always have a different status in everyone's hearts.

Wearing peripherals will make people feel that their personal identity has been extended. For example, wearing Metallica peripherals is like announcing that oneself is more independent.

Metallica Band Tee

For the music industry, peripheral products have long become an indispensable part of this system. In the streaming media era, its revenue contribution accounts for a large part of the income of music stars, and sometimes the profit or loss of music stars on tour is determined by the sales of peripheral products.

Eason Chan x Noritake

Around the'Fear and DREAMS' Hong Kong concert

Peripheral products not only provide music stars with a lot of economic income, their own propaganda attributes (more or less star-related elements on the surroundings), but also allow music stars' works and ideas to be widely disseminated. This superimposed benefit of collecting money from others and allowing others to help promote it is one of the main reasons why music stars are eager for it.

The Rolling Stones also co-branded CPFM with a wave of'No Filter' surroundings

However, things always have two sides, and the peripheral products have also received a lot of controversy. Commonly, there are quality and design issues. Although the quality of current peripheral products has been greatly improved, there is still a certain gap compared with mature apparel products.

PS: The peripheral design of Lil Wayne's 2017 "Dedication 6" album, looking at it today, is really hard to describe. . .

Plagiarism in design is also an old problem. It is true that some surrounding designs have serious references. For example, a few days ago, an artist named Isiah Eugene Simons filed a copyright violation lawsuit against Nicki Minaj and her team, accusing him of plagiarism. I created my own work design.

Left: Isiah Eugene Simons

Right: Nicki Minaj

In addition, the development of the surrounding areas is also facing various difficulties. How to find a new entry point in a highly homogenized industry is a part that every music star and its promoter must consider.

Travis Scott x LeBron James

Harriet Worsley once wrote: "Today, the fashion industry has learned how to navigate the trend with the rhythm of music."

Then let us follow our own rhythm in this feast.

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