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2022-12-05 06:01

Hello fairies! The long-awaited Spring Festival holiday is finally here! However, you can't go out! The editor swears to travel as soon as this time passes!

Speaking of which, where do you most want to travel in the new year? My favorite place to go is Japan! As a senior foodie, I have really coveted Japanese food for a long time, in addition to Ichiran ramen, dorayaki sashimi beef hot pot and so on. . .

For this short-lived pleasure, my weight loss plan can be put on hold for a while. Another reason is that I have watched a lot of anime since I was a child, and I always feel that I can meet Doraemon and Conan on the road!

However, as a beauty blogger, it is natural to be able to escape the influence of daily miscellaneous makeup and makeup with super high cost performance! The new year must start with new makeup and skin care products! No, I see new products from canmake again! !

The new four-color eyeshadow palette belongs to the kind that seeks progress while maintaining stability. I can already imagine what it looks like on my eyes, it must be super deep and divine! ! There are also new colors of blush, eyebrow powder and a base cream like cotton candy, I am willing to buy and buy for it!

In addition to the new products such as canmake, I have also planted some other beauty, skin care, and daily necessities. After all, the happy fat house is my book, and all aspects must be refined from Buddhism!

skin care

The weather itself is very dry in autumn and winter, and the editor sitting in the air-conditioned room every day is really dry! Usually at this time, I will prepare a moisturizing spray. This brand is perfect for dry, sensitive skin like me. This spray contains a variety of plant essences, the moisturizing effect is quite good, and the sprayed water mist is also very delicate!

Moisturizing, of course, requires a mask. I love MINON's facial mask very much. I used it when I was in college and I have been repurchasing it. The mask paper fits the skin very well, and the essence has a lot of capacity. While hydrating, I feel that the skin has become more stable!

Yilisier's eye cream and Yuewei's eye mask are the best in eye care products. This eye cream from Erisel has added retinol, which is particularly effective in reducing fine lines. I think it can also be used together with Yuewei's eye mask, so that the moisturizing is done, and the skin around the eyes is not easy to dry and stick.

I think EXCEL and KATE are doing a good job in the makeup of the offer, especially the eye products. Among them, I have also used Amway countless times for this four-color eye shadow, because it is finely powdered and has many colors! Great for novice novices!

The three-color eyebrow powder I use most in KAET's house is very natural to fill in the gaps in the eyebrows. I also have a trick to use eyebrow powder, the lightest color to outline the silkworm and draw the nose shadow, a small plate is super useful, and the price/performance ratio is really not a blow!

Recently, Shiseido and "Frozen" co-branded the scheming powder cake is also beautiful and blinded my eyes. The outer packaging is really the same as the crystal ice and snow. It is super dreamy. Not only does the packaging look good, but its makeup setting effect is also incredible. The powder is delicate and the face is transparent and natural, there is absolutely no reason not to take it!

ReVIA Daily

contact lenses

Tian Qi usually wears color contact lenses more often. When shooting, they usually wear daily disposables, and the most commonly used daily disposables are ReVIA's. It is very comfortable on the eyes, and it is not easy to slide. I think its oxygen permeability is very good, even if it is a whole day, the eyes will not feel dry~

Japan has a lot of brands of color contact lenses to choose from, but if a myopic patient like Xiaobian wants to buy a degree, you need to consult the staff. Babies who are not nearsighted can do eye preventive care!

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