Taking white as the concept of whitening in the United States, China and South Korea is a big PK

2022-09-12 06:01

1. Korean women's understanding of whitening

Korean girls are very concerned about their skin, and Korean girls believe that cosmetic surgery can improve their appearance with one operation, but they think that they need to persevere in managing their skin. Among the three countries of Korea, Japan, and China, Korean girls are the most eager to have clean, white and tender skin. Therefore, Korean girls usually do some laser and skin management in the dermatology department, and they also work hard to manage their skin by applying sunscreen and whitening cosmetics at home.

2. Chinese women's understanding of whitening

Chinese girls still think that the skin will get better after a single operation like plastic surgery, but it turns out that if you want to have good skin, you must adhere to periodic treatment, and the management of your skin is even more important.

3. Popular whitening items for Korean women: Snow White

1. What is Snow White?

Snow White is a comprehensive treatment package that uses a laser (gentle max, fraxel dual) that can remove stains, freckles, scars, and a good whitening effect, as well as prp injections.

2. Principles of treatment

gentle max laser: First, use the 755nm wavelength to whiten the whole face, and then use the laser only on the pigment cells to treat skin pigmentation problems.

fraxel dual laser: Use 1550nm wavelength laser and 1927nm wavelength laser to effectively treat the epidermis and dermis of the skin. The 1927nm wavelength laser not only treats pigmented spots and freckles on the skin surface, but also effectively treats skin texture, complexion and other skin problems. The 1550nm wavelength laser will penetrate deep into the skin and effectively treat acne, acne scars and other skin and dermis problems.

prp (autologous blood skin regeneration): self-blood is drawn, separated by a centrifuge, platelets are extracted, and the concentrated platelets are injected into the site requiring treatment.

3. Therapeutic effect

gentle max laser: whole face and selectively remove only pigment cells to improve skin texture.

fraxel dual laser: can treat pigments that cannot be treated with existing lasers.

pro: Can increase skin regeneration and whitening effect.

Sina female editor went to South Korea to record the effect of treatment

Customer before receiving Snow White package treatment
Customer before receiving Snow White package treatment

4. Snow White Package Q & A

1. The object of treatment

1) Those who need to improve the pigmentation, pigmentation and scars on the face.

2) People who are willing to brighten their skin while treating age spots and pigmentation.

3) People who need to treat fine lines around the eyes, shrink pores, and treat scars.

4) People who want to get anti-aging effects.

2. Time required for Snow White's treatment

About 2 hours (including anesthesia time, comprehensive treatment can be performed on the same day)

3. Pain level

gentle max laser: intensity 3

fraxel dual laser: strength 5

prp: strength 4

After finishing the procedure: Intensity 4

mild tingling

4. Precautions during recovery after treatment

1) Recovery period: It takes one week

2) Precautions after treatment

After the treatment, there will be redness, but it will turn into a dark scab after 1 to 2 days. The scab will start to peel off from the middle of the face on the third day, and all the scabs on the face will fall off on the seventh day.

For one week of treatment, avoid sweating, such as sauna, swimming, etc. When washing your face, use rich foam to gently wash your face, do not use irritating cosmetics (such as exfoliating products), there will be itching phenomenon, this is a normal skin reaction, and it will recover immediately. Apply sunscreen with SPF50+++ or higher when going out.

5. About Hushu Skin Beauty Hospital and Director Hong

Hushu, a hospital frequented by Korean stars and Chinese customers, has a variety of core technologies for diagnosis and treatment and an experienced medical team, who will recommend the most suitable treatment according to the skin type of customers.

Address: 3rd Floor, Gujeong Building, 610-5, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Transportation: Exit 3 of Apgujeong Station, Subway Line 3

Phone: 82-2-1588-7536, 82-10-8284-0919

Treatment time: Monday & Friday 10:00-20:00, Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-16:00

Website: www.hus-hu.com

President Hong Jingguo

Director Hong Jingguo (Director of Hushu Skin Beauty Center Apgujeong Branch)

A well-known Korean dermatologist, with many years of clinical experience, has participated in many world-class academic conferences, and is the doctor of many Korean stars.

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