Tang Yan's "heart-shaped blush" beauty bomb

2022-07-28 16:06

Recently, Po's nine consecutive shots of Christmas style are really selling cute, and the eyes have been "sweet" by 10,000 points. As expected of Wuli Tangtang, what is going on with her career and love, and she is still alive and fresh! 

In the major events that have appeared recently, the whole person is white, bright and pink, especially when laughing, in addition to the sweet dimples that are very intoxicating, the rosy cheeks make Tang Yan look full of vitality. If you want to be cute, you want to reduce your age, and you want to be full of vitality, it seems that it is always indispensable - blush. That's right, from all kinds of cute and cute beauty special effects, to all kinds of selfies of female stars, you can find that with pink and tender cheeks, you can instantly lose 5 years! Therefore, among the makeup products that can enhance your complexion the most, who can make you the most age-reducing, it must be blush.

You see, these stars tell you with facts, what's the difference between blush and no blush?

Lin Chiling

Sister Zhiling's skin is very white, and she is beautiful even when she is without makeup, so she doesn't feel bad just by looking at it. But compared with the appearance after applying blush, I found that with the embellishment of blush, the sweet girly feeling came out at once, and the smile was super sweet and her voice was the same.

Liu Shishi

For a face as big as a palm, although blush can not achieve obvious contouring, is the effect of age reduction very obvious? The full apple muscles and rosy cheeks when smiling, look as attractive as an apple with a pure white wedding dress!

One is Nazha with a high and cold style, and the other is Nazha with a sweet style. In comparison, the one on the left is more mature and glamorous, while the one on the right is fresh and sweet, with a smile like a spring breeze. To say that the affinity is sufficient, the right is definitely better. One chip.

The role of blush in reducing age, repairing appearance, improving complexion, and increasing sweetness is really not only a little bit, but after talking about blush for so many years, are you still smiling and painting blush? Are you still struggling to know which color to choose? Have you avoided these blush mistakes now?

Misunderstanding 1: Blindly pursuing pink 

There are many blush colors, from cool powder to warm powder, from pink to orange red to orange powder, the colors are many to the eye. But to say that the most suitable for yellow skin, it is the mix of powder + orange, so if you are not sure which color of single-color blush is suitable for you, you can choose multi-color blush, and the color will be much softer after mixing.

Myth 2: Use only powder blush

Blush not only has many colors, but also many textures, so of course, it must be selected according to different skin types. Powder and mousse are suitable for oily skin, liquid and paste are suitable for dry skin, and neutral skin is optional.

Mistake 3: Picking the wrong tool or getting started

The effect of blush is natural, so it is easy to apply unevenly, so it is better to use tools for blush. Paste and mousse blushes are smeared with a sponge, powder blushes should be brushed, and liquid blushes should be quickly pushed away with the pulp of the fingers, and then the sponge. The blush method should be gentle, and layer by layer is the most natural.

Misunderstanding 4: Simply drawing circles

In the past, when I painted blush, I used to draw circles on the rising apple muscle when smiling, but this method of painting is not suitable for all face shapes. Secondly, I found that when the blush is rising, it is on the apple muscle, but when I am not smiling, the cheek The red "falls off", so how can you reduce your age? So the most in heart-shaped blush at the moment is no longer a circle on the apple muscle. (Dry goods are at the back)

So, today, I will tell you a "heart-shaped blush" that is the freshest, the most age-reducing, and the best-painted at the moment, and see that they are all using heart-shaped blushes to return to 18 years old!

The name "Heart Blush" is so romantic, but it's not painted on the face? Oh, how to draw "Heart Blush"?

How to build:

It no longer needs to be painted with a smile, the entire blush area becomes larger, on both sides of the nose, under the eyes, use the blush to cross smear with "丿" (skim) and "乀" (溺), and the blush position does not exceed the nose wing, The shape is no longer a regular circle, it will look like one drawn with a brush, and finally blended with a swipe to make it very natural on the cheeks.

CPB skin key brand new flower blush 

Delicate petal color and texture for a cheek color that resembles blooming petals, and a silky two-tone blush that can be used alone or in combination for an elegant, gorgeous, radiant, long-lasting finish

Les Merveilleuses LADURéE Limited Winter Rose Rouge 

Three shades of pink are layered to create a one-of-a-kind petal rouge. After brushing on the cheeks, it looks like a rose blooming in the cold winter. Different shades of pink can interpret a deep and beautiful "beauty of expression".

Whoo Hou Gongchen Xiangmei cheek blush

Specially contains the core ingredients for skin care: 7 kinds of gemstones such as nano-pearl, coral, amber, etc., and adds vitality Wuhuajin and Hongyubaisan ingredients to present a light orange blush product. The four-color mix is suitable for oriental women. . Immediately after application, the skin is radiantly radiant.

So, have you got this "heart-shaped blush"?

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