Tears full of "Wandering Earth", wear waterproof makeup to watch!

2022-08-29 06:02

There are really a lot of good films on the Spring Festival this year, Huang Bo's "Crazy Aliens", Han Han , and Shen Teng's "Flying Life"... However, the top box office champion is the science fiction movie "Wandering Earth" that almost "aborted" ".

"The Wandering Earth" has not been favored until it was released. Director Guo Fan revealed that during the filming of "The Wandering Earth", he was divested by investors and almost couldn't shoot. In the end, Wu Jing, who acted as a special performer and investor, saved this sci-fi masterpiece that was well received at home and abroad. .

Facts have proved that Wu Jing's vision is right. Up to now, the box office of "Wandering Earth" has exceeded 3.1 billion, surpassing "I am not a medicine god" and becoming the fifth in the box office of Chinese movies. Wu Jing has also become the Chinese box office tens of billions actor and a wizard in the movie investment industry.

As China's first sci-fi blockbuster, "Wandering Earth" opened the "first year of Chinese sci-fi". With its exquisite special effects and magnificent scenes, as well as the surprising brain circuit that drags the earth to escape, PC sauce is also shocked, and the look and feel is not inferior to the large-scale foreign science fiction films.

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